Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa
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Stayed on 35th floor. Went to bed fine. Woke up to itchy, pimply sized bumps on chest, several on arms and back. Called and reported it to the front desk. Guess there is a first for everything.

Stayed on 35th floor. Went to bed fine. Woke up to itchy, pimply sized bumps on chest, several on arms and back. Called and reported it to the front desk. Guess there is a first for everything.

I lived here for a couple of hours after hanging out in the Club. And the next day when I got home I found my fore arms got bites. Since I got bites in NYC 1 year ago, I know how does that feel. After check this hotel's records, I am extremely this place is bad. Never come here!

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

Came into room #4041, pulled off the sheets to inspect, and immediately spotted a bedbug. Reported it immediately and have been given a different room.

Just returned from staying at the water club room 662 and borgata room 4003. Found 4 huge itchy welts on my arm. These look just like the bed bug bites that I had once before when I stayed at the Water Club. I am horrified to see all of these other complaints about bed bugs. It is clear that this casino has a problem with bedbugs and they are not doing anything about it and continuing to let people stay in these rooms. I plan to bring legal action and I hope the state of nj will allow treble dam

ages due to the egregiousness of this casino's actions by ignoring customer complaints and failing to clean their bed bug problems. I hope I didn't bring any bugs back home. I left our bags in the car and hoping this cold will kill the bugs.

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During our stay my wife and I thought we had an allergic reaction to something because we woke up with swollen bumps on our legs and arms that itched intensely. But the bumps stared to look infected so when we got home we went to the doctor. To our shock we had bed bug bites. My wife went into a panic and we had to pay to have our house treated for her to have a peace of mind. Room 542

I have been going to AC for years I have stayed at Borgata and WaterClub
and NEVER saw any signs of bedbugs...I'm not saying there aren't any But if there are I've NEVER seen them...I always spray everything I mean everything and I like the room cold so maybe that is why... I have NEVER had a problem...I was just there and stayed in room 925 for 2 nites...NOV 7&8,2013...Sorry but I love being there and the staff have always been gracious....

I love the Borgata, but have also woken up bit. After speaking to a friend who is an exterminator, I learned that you always have to pull the covers down and check for spots. Spots mean the bugs were there or are there. Get your stuff and get out. Also, the hotels must remove blankets and put clean ones on the bed after each checkout. No bags, clothes, or shoes on can take the bugs home. I am shocked the staff only required a report. It's a board of health issue. As much as I love i

t there, I'd call the board of health right in front of them and I'd demand to see proof of corrective action on all rooms with reports of these bugs.

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I love the Borgata, but have also woken up bit. After speaking to a friend who is an exterminator, I learned that you always have to pull the covers down and check for spots. Spots mean the bugs were there or are there. Get your stuff and get out. Also, the hotels must remove blankets and put clean ones on the bed after each checkout. No bags, clothes, or shoes on can take the bugs home. I am shocked the staff only required a report. It's a board of health issue. As much as I love i

t there, I'd call the board of health right in front of them and I'd demand to see proof of corrective action on all rooms with reports of these bugs.

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I stayed overnight at the Water Club June 17th-18th in room 2488. I woke up in the morning very itchy and found what felt like a cluster of mosquito bites on the back of my leg. The friend I was sharing the bed with did not find any bites and we did not find any bugs while doing a quick search, but my legs are covered in itchy bite marks that look exactly like pictures I found online.

I stayed at the Water Club on June 10-12 2013. It was room 888 which I thought was funny because that is the lucky chinese number, but not for me. I woke up with about 15 bites before checking out, that got worse 24 hrs later and doctor confirmed bed bugs.

Stayed at Borgata April 16-18, 2013. Room 2912 - badly bitten by bed bugs, no question about it.

EJ.... Maybe you are naive and failed to read all the other comments about people being bitten at Borgata!!! Do your own research. Bed bugs DON'T just live in beds they will live and attack anywhere there are people to feed off of. They will be ANYWHERE (including the casino) that humans are within 10-20 ft.
The place has a problem sorry if your a regular and don't want to see that a problem is a problem. Hell all of Atlantic City has been reported on the bedbugregistry. I'm sorry I failed to

be more specific when stating he goes to play poker and that also go. But I don't sit at a poker table up to 12 hours at a time I move around making me getting bit less likely. But someone staying at the same area for a longer amount of time are alot more likely to get bit. And yes it happened at Borgata on our way home he was scratching his arm. I checked him and he had 3 big bites on his arm. Good try on the cheating boyfriend remark. ;-). Who's the naive one?!?!? Read all the remarks about people being bitten. EJ I would have to say your pretty naive. At some point you will also be bitten.

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We stay at Borgata all of the time and have NEVER had any bad experience with any kind of bug. The hotel is so clean and the rooms are meticulous. As for the woman whose boyfriend goes there all of the time but doesn't stay in the rooms yet still comes home with bedbugs. Sorry you seem a bit naive..your boyfriend is probably shacking up in a dirty motel somewhere. Sorry. Just Saying.

Jan 23rd 2013 and March 6th 2013
My boyfriend visited Borgata Casino to play Poker and both times came home and we found red bedbug bites ( they look like mosquito bites) on his arms. He has not stayed in the bedrooms themselves so please people be careful when just being inside the casino. I'm extremely worried that these bugs have been brought home on his clothes. This is absolutely disgusting!!

We have been going to either the water club or borgata for years. We have never encountered bed bugs. I wish people who repport them would include the rooms they stay in. We do check the room including bringing a hair dryer and extension cord to check the head boar and the bed frame,pictures anywhere they would be. We were there sept 24th for 2 nights and had no problems I wish other who haven't had a problem would post

I stayed at the Borgata on September 4, 2012 with my family and it was terrible. my little girl got bitten BED BUGS. I did not recommended this Hotel...

I'm here now and have bedbugs all over me I'm pissed I'm going to go give them hell! 8-24-12
This place is a shithole!

I stayed at the Borgata the night of July 21st. Woke up on the 22nd with bed bug bites all over my chest. Will never go to the Borgata (or New Jersey, for that matter) ever again.

July 1-3 friend, my sister and myself stayed at the Borgata. Although the room was clean and the carpets appeared fairly new, after check-out, but thank God before we got home,we discovered bed bug bites on both sides of my neck and back of my arms. Although I have pictures of my bites,and have never made a claim like this before, Borgata Security has just advised that the room was inspected and there are no signs of bed bugs or any bugs! HA! How convenient to deny these reports. Oh wel

l.. shame on was one of my favorite hotels and I'll be sure to spread the horrible news to all my family and friends.

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On April 12 and 13, my fiancee and I stayed at the Borgata Hotel. The day we returned home, we noticed bites on her body. Because we know there have been bedbugs reported in Atlantic City, we went online to see what bedbug bites looked like. They looked exactly like the bites on my fiancée’s body. A professional inspection of our apartment the next day confirmed our worst fears.

After to the best of our ability ruling out other sources of our infestation, we went online again, to both rav

eable and the Bedbug Registry, to look up Atlantic City hotels. What we discovered stunned us: Despite its high-tone reputation and high prices, the Borgata had one of the two worst records, both historically and recently, of all Atlantic City hotels. And one of the more recent sitings and bitings had taken place during the very period we were there.

After spending close to $2,500 to have our belongings dry-cleaned and/or packed away so our apartment could be treated (twice over the course of two weeks), living out of suitcases (and, for a couple of nights, in others’ apartments), then spending nearly two grueling weeks getting the place back in shape, we called the Borgata.

Three weeks later, after the hotel’s “review,” we were told—via what was basically a brief form letter—that our room had been checked and been found bedbug-free. When I called the “Customer Resolution Coordinator” to ask if the hotel had inspected its casinos, its waiting lounge, its theater, or its restaurants—all places we’d frequented over our two-night stay—she admitted she didn’t know. She offered us nothing, not even a refund of our room rate, and said she ‘‘regretted any inconvenience” we’d been caused. “Inconvenience”!

Both for my peace of mind and for the sake of future Borgata visitors, I decided I’d like to see a copy of our room inspection, and to ask the “Customer Resolution Coordinator” to find out if the hotel had inspected the various rooms we’d spent time at—especially, of course, the casinos. So, feeling like a pest (though not, fortunately, quite a bedbug), I called her again.

I got a call back the next day, not from her but from a man whom I assume was her supervisor. When I asked for a copy of my room inspection, I received a party-line response: “The Borgata doesn’t share internal documents with the general public.” When I questioned why such a report should be treated as confidential, he repeated the party line, verbatim. When I asked, twice, if--given the multiple bedbug sightings and bitings at the hotel over the years---the Borgata ever inspects its casinos, lounges, etc,, what I got back was an evasive, noncommittal “answer” that I’d be hard pressed to put into intelligible words.

I guess by “Customer Resolution” the Borgata means “Customer Kiss-Off.”

I don’t intend to stop going to Atlantic City. But I’ll be damned—and a damned fool—if I step foot anywhere near the Borgata or its casinos ever again.

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Stayed at the Borgata one night 06-10-2012, woke up the next day and had small red bites all over my lower ankles and feet. I totally got eaten by bed bugs! Then looked online and saw all these reports of bed bug infestation at the Borgata, I will never stay there again! The room looked nice and was clean but that definitely doesn't mean it's not infected w/ bed bugs>>>omg...I'm freakn' out cause I keep thinking things are crawling all over me.!.

Have always stayed at the Water Club in Borgata and at the regular Borgata. I noticed that everytime we go there, my wife comes back with lots of red spots. Finally, last week we stayed at the Water Club for her Birthdate and found out that the room #578 was infested with bedbugs. I contacted the Hotel and they put me on hold for hours. The hotel is definitevely infested with BedBugs. Date of our stay was from April 9th thru the 11th, of 2012.

Borgata and Water Club is infested with bedbugs and the staff is rude!!!! Thank god a new, CLEAN casino (Revel) is opening!!! Hopefully Borgata will have more compassion for people eaten by bed bugs!! All the money they bring in and they cannot control this problem...disgusting, sad and greedy.

Stayed the night of Jan. 8, 2012 at the Borgata Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City. We stayed in room 735. Checked the room ahead of time for bed bugs, didn't find any or any signs.........but didn't really know what to look for, having never seen one before. Next morning, noticed a bug crawling on the bed. Figured it was a bed bug, and now that I knew what to look for, went a searching. Found 2 more live ones, and several dead ones. Put them in an empty pill bottle and kept them. Fortunately, ne

ither I, nor my wife were bitten. We thoroughly checked our stuff and packed up. Where supposed to stay another night, but went downstairs and checked out. Almost didn't say anything, but then thought, I should. Desk clerk wasn't really alarmed. Asked me if I wanted to speak to a manager. I wasn't going to, but then reconsidered and said yes. When a manager came out, she then called housekeeping and security for us to fill out a report. Then the desk clerk offered to comp us a night in a suite. We declined, the mood was killed. We just went home. Shame, the Borgata was a nice place. Won't ever stay there again. Seems all the casino hotels in Atlantic City have them. Yuk.

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Me and my fiance were comp'd, room 2401. she was always concerned, and the first night checked the bed. I mean OVERLY concerned. Howevever we saw a exo skeleton of an obvious dead bug, def. didnt't think it was bed bugs as we never had them but heared of them. Though there was a urine stain on the pading under the mattress. However it was washed and was a stain. You would think they just throw that stuff out? the 2nd morning was ok but we had weired lumps on our fore-arms, 3rd morning I woke up

as my fiance was watching tv, I saw a something crawling on my pillow? and the another across the mattress. then ANOTHER IN THE SIDE OF THE BED! and the allll over the mattress, we jumped up and left. Seriously it seemed they were hundreds but realistcally we saw like 4..WISH I would have bagged them and showed the check in but of course they would say we brought them most likley! in a weekends time we were seriously developing welts all down our forearms, dunno if we ever go back! The psychosis of it is BAD... you think you have them no matter waht afterwards. BTW they were def. bed bugs, we took pics and showed them to a professional.

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I stayed at the Borgata this past weekend for my bachelorette party. I stayed in a suite- room 2804. Yesterday when i woke up in the hotel, I noticed a small bite mark on my leg. I figured it was a mosquito bite since it was itchy. Today I am home and I noticed that the bite area has become a bit larger than a quarter, is red, tender and a bit itchy. It no longer looks like a normal mosquito bite. Because the room at the Borgata wasn't the cleanest (dust everywhere, mold in the shower, dir

ty bedskirt), I began to wonder if it could've been a bed bug bite. When I looked up pics of bed bug bites, my bite looks just like some of the larger circular marks people get. The Borgata is overpriced and disgusting! Will never return!

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We love the Borgata and have been there three times in the past three months. When we stayed in January, I found an adult bedbug on the floor in the morning. I trapped it under a cup in the bathroom - I had googled it and it looked just like a bedbug but had never seen one in real life. I alerted the staff so they could inspect the room and the bug. Nobody at the hotel seemed too shocked. When I got home, I (thought) I took the appropriate precautions to keep any traveling bed bugs out of my ho


A few weeks ago mysterious welts started appearing on my daughter. They would only appear here and there and were in no particular pattern. The welts would appear one at a time. Then my son got a few in a row on his arms. (These two kids also like to sneak in my bed at night.) Two nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and inspected my sheets with a flshlight. I saw two very tiny bugs down near where my feet would be. They didn't look like adult bed bugs, so I googled them and they looked like the nymph stage. I explained this to my husband and last night we flipped the mattress to check it out. There, we found bedbugs. I was horrified.

I had an exterminator come out today. Luckily, he only saw signs of them in my bedroom. We are however, having all of the bedrooms done as a precaution. Not only is it expensive, but incredibly time consuming. I have to empty four bedrooms full of stuff...dressers, closets, everything in the next two days. Then, wash each and every article of clothing before placing them back in the rooms after they have been treated.

So, if you stay in a hotel ANYWHERE, invest in bed bug spray and vacuum out the luggage. That little inconvenience can save you a lot of inconvenience down the road.

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I have been staying at the Borgata for the past 5 years and I'm very sad to write this. However, I stayed at the hotel on Sunday, March 13, 2011 and I woke up itchy but didn't immediately see bites, but the bites later showed up very red on my arm and leg about 2 days after. I thought it was a rash and let it go. But people told me they looked like bedbug bites. Then a week later, I found a bedbug in my home, it was a very large adult and came from my luggage that I had with me at Borgata. If yo

u are planning to stay there protect yourself and your luggage they definitely have bedbugs and it has cost me hundreds of dollars to spray and bedbug proof my home. This has been a nightmare.

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eaten alive at borgata
denying it--
i am so upset

Stayed one night on 3/11/2011 and 3/17/2011 Inspected the rooms did not see anything. However, I bring my own spray and spray down the room. I apray my luggage too. This room was on the 12th floor,

I also bring my own lysol wipes and spray as their housekeeping has been a little lax lately. Last time there were hairs on the bathroom floor that were definetly not mine.

The time before the room smelled like "bodies" and the sink ran slow as well as some time of shampoo or gel was spilled on

the bathroom vanitie and never cleaned. My room was on the 27th floor

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me and my husband stayed at the borgata 3/16/11 and 3/17/11 and in the night my husband said he seen a bug on his pillow, i didnt see anything so went back to slee. the next morning i woke up with itchy bite marks and my husband as well. i told the front desk and they offered me a 2 nite stay,but i have that all ready with my comp dollars. i will never go there again.

This happened in July 2010. We stayed overnight at the borgota and I woke up with bite marks all over my legs! I didn't know what they were until I went to my doctor because they itches so bad. Disgusting!

My two sisters and their husbands had suites at the Borgota on November 29th. My sister woke up in the morning and found a bedbug crawling on top of the sheets. My brother-in-law began checking and found 4 more under the sheets.

They were offered a change of room or comp, which they already had. They filled out a report and left immediately and said they will never stay at the BUGOTA again!

11/12/10 - Found a bedbug in the bed. Captured the bedbug in a water bottle and brought it down to guest services. They had us file a report, but did not offer us anything. I asked the woman at guest services if the hotel had a problem, and she told me, "yes".
Will NEVER go there again.

Found a bedbug here on Saturday, 11/20/10. We reported the bug after finding the actual bug and also bites on my leg. The hotel then forced us to switch rooms, but did not compensate us or comp us for a future stay. Will never stay at the Borgata again.

I too was eaten alive by bedbugs in the Borgota WaterClub. They denied having a problem and someone was placed right back in the room the next day.


On August 19 of 2010 I with my husband went to Borgata for my husband's birthday. We planned to stay for 2 days. On the first night I was severely bitten by bed bugs( my arm and leg) The report was made and medical office confirmed that it was bed bugs bytes. I reported to everybody in the hotel and kept asking did they know about the problem or it is the first incident. They were denying any knowledge of the problem but there are posting on the internet about encounters of this sort in Borgata.

I had to throw away almost all of my clothes and washed the rest in very hot water to prevent any possible threat to my house.

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