Bally's Casino Resort
1900 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ

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On Thurs Nov 7th 2013 I stayed at Ballys for a complimentary room. They gave me a room in the Claridge Tower. The room was old and out of date. I was surprised at how old and ugly it was. It didn't look dirty just old so we stayed in the room. The next day I woke up with a few bites on my leg. I thought I had mosquito bites, but it was clearly bed bugs because now I transferred them to my home. I will NEVER stay at Ballys again. I am disgusted. Multiple stories mention the claridge tower DO NOT


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We stayed at Bally's on February 26, 2012 for one night, in a room on the 6th floor of the Dennis Tower. At 5am, my daughter woke me and said she got bit by something, and we immediately thought bedbugs. We took the bedding off the beds and sure enough, there was a bedbug running across the bed. I trapped it in a cup and covered it with plastic and a rubberband and left it on the dresser. We checked out and told the manager about the bedbug and also that he could find it on the dresser in a cup

. He had us fill out an incident report and gave us a $50 voucher for a return visit within 90 days, but I will definitely never go there again.

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I have stayed at Ballys at least 50 times and have never experienced any bed bugs. My son has gone with us since he has been 1 yr old and has never had an issue.

My husband and I checked into Bally’s on October 27, 2011 with the intention of staying four nights. On Saturday the 29th, I woke too two bites on my lower right arm and two on my right hand. I called the front desk, and the lady was really uninterested in my report. She transferred me to a number that continuously rang. I called back and talked to someone that was very helpful, she advised me to go to the nurse’s station. The hotel moved us from the Claridge tower room 1417 to the Dennis

Tower room 347. The next morning I woke up with four more bites on my right arm, three on my neck, one under my chin, and four on my right jaw and ear!!! After seeing that, we checked out of the hotel. On Monday, my husband noticed that he also has bedbug bites.

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I was at Bally's Oct 19-21 for a NCTM conference. My friend and I were in the main building in room 1064. We came back Thursday night and one of the girls (who was staying on the 16th floor) sat on my bed. We then noticed a bed bug sitting there on my pillow. It was disgusting!!!
We demanded to be moved rooms, we given a dirty/smelly room on the 28th floor. We took pictures of the bed bug and caught it in the bottle. The hotel staff didn't seem to interested, like it wasn't a big deal.

My husband and I checked into Bally's on Thurs. 8/31 - was given a room in the Claridge Towers on the 16th floor. We checked out on Sat. 9/3. Low and behold never thought to think about bed bugs, however, I have several bites to both my buttocks.
I am going to assume that they were bed bugs. Will not stay there ever again.

My family had booked a room at Bally's for Labor Day weekend 09/02/11 through 09/05/11. We were given a room with double beds on 36th floor at Bally's Tower. In the morning on 09/03/11 I woke up from a burning sensation in my right ring finger.It was swallen and itchy. As I looked up my right arm I discovered 4 more red/swallen bumps. I thought of moscito bites, although I haven't been outside since we arrived to the hotel, and consider a 36th floor with no open windows made me suspected of bed

bugs. Me and my son start to examine the bed, matrases and wooden head-boards, but find nothing.We called front desk, but were told that we need to come to speek to supervisor. I still could not beleive in posibility of bed bugs in such upscale hotel. How wrong I was! Next night I could not sleep well, and at some point felt something was biting on my upper right arm. I turned on light and see something small scattering under the pillow. I managed to catch it and there it was - a small bed bug. As I lifted a blanket - another one try to hide. Over all I sustained about 20 bites on my right arm and 6 on my left leg. My son had 6 bites on his arms, and some on his leg. The way hotel handle it - is another story.

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On the date of 6/15/2011 my family had two adjacent rooms at Bally's Claridge tower floor fourteen. Within four hours of being in the room my wife turned on a light to get something after being in bed with our seventeen month old child, looked down next to night table and saw something scatter away. She phoned me and I came up from the casino. I looked very hard pulling away the bed and exposing under the bottom of the box spring but found no bugs or evidence. I sat staring at our bed for a good

deal of time upset that either my wife was paranoid or that there were really bed bugs. My family went to adjacent room. There it was scattering across the box spring a bed bug. I caught the bug with two cups and began to imeadiately move my family out of both rooms. While doing this another was found by my sister in-law in the second room which again I captured and promptly took both bugs to hotel management. I will not go into the specifics of what happen after that because after all this site is designed to alert about possible bed bug activity.

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