Rodeway Inn Absecon
547 E Absecon Blvd
Absecon, NJ 08201

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I was laying in bed the next morning and found either a tick or a bedbug crawling on the pillow next to my head. It was filled with bright red blood (until I squished it). Now, I didn't see more than one, and I was at an outdoor concert the previous night, so it could have been a tick I brought in, but a review on another site by a guy who encountered a lot of bedbugs leads me to believe it could've been a lone bedbug and I got very lucky not bringing it home with me. I told Daxa at the front de

sk, she denied it. I took her to the room and showed where I'd killed it & the dead bug on the toilet paper I used, and she insisted I brought it in, or that I left my hotel room door open too long and let it in from outside--either way, my fault, right?

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