Comfort Inn North
539 E Absecon Blvd
Absecon, NJ 08201

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My husband stayed there (Comfort Inn North in Absecon, NJ) for one night on 11/05/2011. The hotel was dirty and sub-standard, but he stayed anyway. The next day he had a terrible itching sensation on his back. When he got home he had what appeared to be a bumpy itchy red rash in the middle of his back. Bed Bug bites!!! How disgusting. This hotel is horrendous!

Checked into hotel on August 11, 2011 about 8:00PM. I was told that the hotel was being renovated (which I should have been told by choice hotel when I made the reservation) and was given room 531 with the requested kingsize bed. I was wakened at 1:00AM itching & scratching my left arm and leg. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to the detergent used to wash the linen until I turned on the light and to my horror saw bugs crawling on my pillow. After calming down and awakening my husband

who did not get bitten, I took a video and still pictures of the tiny creatures. I was given another room. I was so traumatized that I did not sleep even in a different room. I have 12 horrible bites on my body which are swelling and itching causing me a great deal of distress, as I do not react well to insect bites. The hotel gave us the night without charge which has in no way helped reduce the impact of this ordeal on me, nor do I think that was sufficient for this level of distress. The manager was polite and courteous explaining this was only the second time a complaint like this has been made since he came to the hotel in January, & that there were no reports in the registry, I thought to myself until now, when I submit this one.

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