Steele Hill Resorts
516 Steele Hill Rd
Sanbornton, NH

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Late September 2013 - Room in West Hotel was infested. I woke up to find a bug on me in the middle of the night, which I caught and brought to front desk in the morning. I spent two nights and had 40+ bites on my arms and back once they all appeared.

Management took the incident very seriously, offered to heat treat our belongings, and refunded the entire cost of our stay. They handled it well, but it was clear that this wasn't the first time they'd had to deal with the issue. The manager to

ld us that they do regular canine inspections and have monitors in all of the I'm not sure why the problem in our room was not detected before our stay.

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We found a bedbug crawling on our son's blanket around midnight. We called the hotel, they immediately offered to move us, but as we were a large party of 22, we finished the night out and check out in the morning. the hotel washed all of our belongings and hotboxed all our suitcases and pack and plays. They reimbursed us for both nights of our stay and gave us full use of the hotels facilities for the day while they cleaned/heated our belongings. We won't return, but the hotel did right by

us in our opinion.

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