Anchorage Inns
13 Wadleigh Rd
Rochester, NH 03867-3901

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I have been here a week, and have been waking up with red painful bites on my upper and lower extremities , I have informed them and showed them the bites everyday, they came in once and took the headboard on the wall down and looked under it and then proceeded to leave. Then I suggested they wash all my bedding which they did, but it took me 2 days to get my bedding back and I slept without all of it, and when I received them they were still wet.
I told them that I have taken pictures of my b

ites and that I will report them and they just say that I see your still itching and we know it's awful but we don't have any, wouldn't you have to look more than under the head board, and my painful bites say they do have them, I told them that it is going to cost me to have to wash all my cloths and things, and they just say nothing. I would think they would reimburse me something, this is a $400.00 room. To costly for this, I think they should help me with some sort of reimbursement these are painful and awful. I'm worried about my things and spreading this. I have to wash my cloths at a laundry mat and lots as I'm between homes right now and this will be costly to me.

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