Wren's Nest Village Inn
3548 Lafayette Rd
Portsmouth, NH 03801-6061

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When I first arrived, the manager seemed alright to me.

Went up to my room, went to sleep, woke up in the morning covered in welts.

I informed the manager.

He asked me to check out another room in the same building. I requested a room in a different building, he said he couldn't on the weekly rate.

I asked him if I could check out the second room before-hand.

I found bed-bugs in that room, as well, after pulling out the sheets.

I informed the manager about this, and said

I no longer desired to bed here.

He agreed to refund all the nights I hadn't slept over (I had purchased at the weekly rate of 300 dollars).

I did the math, and that meant that one night at the weekly rate is 46.71 after factoring in the New Hampshire lodging tax of 9 percent (300/100 = 3; 3*9=27; 300+27=327, 327/7=46.71)

He then called me out and accused me of being shitty with math.

He tried walking me through another method, and then he ended up at the same number.

I moved my stuff out of the room, and he processed the refund.

280 dollars.

327 - 46.71 = 280.29

He had shorted me by 29 cents, and I'm sure he did it on purpose. This seems trivial, but I noticed the insult.

As such, I'm writing his review from my car on his wifi. That's worth about 29 cents, we'll be even steven.

Avoid this hotel. The management gets very ornery about bedbugs and does not treat victims very nicely.

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My brother and myself stayed here in June. Everything looked great we spent the night, but to my surprise when we woke up the following morning we had bites all over our feet we then threw the bed linens off the bed and there were a ton of nasty bed bugs!! We immediately let the owner know he told us they were in fact not bed bugs but beetles.. Uhh yeah okay. Gross!
They refused to refund us or take any responsibility!

& T


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I also encountered bed bugs when my when and I stated there on Monday June 24th we immediately checked out!!

Sketchy place hookers hobos & drug addict filled gutter trash living here & bugs! Roaches & bed bugs! Nasty!

Bed bugs bed bugs BED BUGS!!!!!!!!

June 21-23rd 2013 my girlfriend & I stayed here suite 214 isle of shoals.. Night 1 extreme itching during the night; next day found 2 blood spots on sheets.. Still itching thought nothing of it until I saw a bedbug trap under the bed the following morning!!! While driving home I started noticing welt like bites appear , i went to the dr & sure enough that's exactly what they were from. BED BUGS! Im sevetely allergic! we tried contacting the owner to settle this & refund out $$ for the stay consi

dering temoving these bugs is gonna cost a small fortune.. no response. Now not only do I have to exterminate my house I also have to replace my mattress box spring travel bags etc. steer clear of this place!

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