Holiday Inn Portsmouth Hotel
300 Woodbury Ave
Portsmouth, NH 03801-3208

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My boyfriend woke up at 4:00am with a bed bug on him. He captured it, and brought it down o the front desk. The woman there told him that this was pretty common, and "part of the hotel business", and was surprised to hear that it had never happened to him before. They offered him quarters to put our clothing in their dryers, saying that it would take care of the bugs and eggs that may be on them now. When he came up and told me about it, I got VERY angry, and went down to the front desk myself.

They were MUCH less than apologetic, and acted like I should not be so bothered by it. I had to FORCE her to call a manager, since there was not one of duty at all. The manager offered to change our room, which, of course, we were still very uncomfortable with. I had to fight to get a refund, which I STILL have NOT received. Through the entire ordeal, I was treated as though I was being ridiculous about the whole thing... as if it was unreasonable to expect a bug free bed at any hotel.... horrifying. I will NEVER stay at another Holiday Inn again, nor should anyone else.

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Woke up around 1:00 a.m. to use the bathroom, when I got back in bed I noticed a few small bugs on the sheets. When I looked closer, I found several more all over my bed and more on the other bed in the room. They were crawling all over the pillows and sheets. We reported this to the front desk and she came up with a single set of extra sheets (there were 2 beds), as if that would take care of the problem. Right away she said, "They're not bed bugs," although we later found them on Google im

ages and they were DEFINITELY bed bugs. The woman just kept saying, "That's so weird." She told us that all she could do was change the sheets because they were booked up. She said she didn't have any extra comforters or pillows. We decided to leave and find another hotel, but we had to ASK for a refund because she didn't offer that to us or offer to find us a room at another hotel.

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