Fairfield Inn-Seacoast
650 Borthwick Ave
Portsmouth, NH 03801-4115

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In April of 2015, I stayed in room 201 at the Fairfield Inn-Seacoast and found three live bedbugs. I caught them in a plastic bag and showed them to management. They were very concerned and provided me with free use of the driers, gave me extra points, and moved me to another room.

Upon inspecting the second room, I found no bugs, but the mattress pad was COVERED in different body hairs. I requested a new pad and the dirty pad was removed, but they could not provide a new one as the hotel di

d not have any extras. I stayed a week and did not have any more bug encounters.

Several months later, a co-worker stayed at the hotel. His body was covered with bites before he got out.

Thank you for providing the service to report this.

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Stayed @ this hotel and promptly checked out the next night. Over all it was dingy, threadbear sheets and cheap towels. Reminds me of a Motel 6 and the quality was very poor. The following day - I broke out with a rash and confirmed they were indeed bed bugs as another coworker also stayed at this location previously. The per night rate of $112 should have given me pause but our company is on a budget reduction.

I promptly moved to the Hampton Inn in Dover.

I stayed here and i love most fairfield inns for the reasonable pricing and placement of the facilities. but boy ooohhh boy was i pissed off... First i asked the front desk if they had bed bugs and i was told no then all of a sudden i got this feeling as if the front desk was not sure either so i decided to take it upon myself to investigate. During my first ten minutes i was highly impressed with the overall cleanliness of the hotel great rooms and very bright and appealing. I knew i

should have inspected I let my gaurd down and i did not expect to wake up with huge welts on my body. with that being said i was bitten all night by bed bugs..... i felt it was pretty ironic that the front desk agent seemed like she was sure they had them but she could not disclose that information.... i really think the management should get rid if the issue completely ! i will never stay there again and i feel bad for the employees who have to deal with being dishonest about bed bugs when the know very well they exist in the hotel.....shame on you shame on you!!

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I stayed here on 8/23 in room 207. I woke up at 1:30am because my hand was itching. I tried to get back to sleep but found a bedbug crawling on my arm. When I looked around a little, I found several more. I am now covered in painful, itchy bites.

At 2:00am I checked out. The lady at the desk suggested that I brought the bugs in from my office. She didn't file any report.

On 8/27/11 I checked into hotel room and proceeded to do a room inspection. I always put my luggage in the bathtub before I do the inspection.
My first concern was some telltale black spots on the underside of the mattress tag. It looked like the spots were old but it concerned me.
So I decided to get my LED flashlight and poke around some more. I noticed under the bed by the headboard were 2 of those "sticky" traps that you use to catch mice. I pulled the bed away from the wall and took a lo

ok inside the traps. Much to my dismay I saw bed bugs on the traps although they were dead. Needless to say I lit out of there like a bat out of hell, returned the key at the desk and told them what I found. They offered me a different room but I left and got a room at the Courtyard Marriott where I usually and SHOULD have booked.

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