Comfort Inn Portsmouth
1390 Lafayette Rd
Portsmouth, NH

Found 3 reports:

About midnight 2015-05-10, I was getting ready to go to bed when I saw something crawling on the sheet. It was difficult to kill, but I did kill it. Then I taped the dead bug to a sheet of paper, took a photo, and then compared it with results from Google image search.

In the morning (2015-05-11), I took the paper to the front desk, but the guy denied that it was a bed bug.

My wife and I stayed at this hotel in May 2012. We checked the room immediately (pulled the head board out and looked for stains and bugs in the mattress seam). We found no bed bugs or signs of their presence (no beetles either).

The hotel looked like it has been renovated recently, including carpets and bedding.

We checked into the Comfort Inn Saturday night (11/06/10). We immediately pulled out the matress. I killed a bedbug, watched one crawl away and saw numerous dead bedbugs. We left and found another hotel for the night. The manager called the next day to educate us on what a bedbug looks like. He claims that they were "beetles" not bedbugs. If it's a bug in you bed, that's a bedbug! I have since looked online and saw images that confirm they were definitely bedbugs.

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