Anchorage Inn and Suites
417 Woodbury Ave
Portsmouth, NH 03801-3247
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Probably the worst experience I have ever had in my life. We got in late on Friday night September 11th, 2015 so we just went straight to bed. I am 14 weeks pregnant and woke up in the middle of the night sick to my stomach. I went into the bathroom, lifted the toilet seat only to find fecal matter from another guest in the toilet, the bathroom floor was filthy so i had to sit on the tub only to find someone else's hair in the tub. After having no other choice but to throw up in a toilet littere

d with someone else's excretion I left the bathroom and decided to turn on the lights to see the hotel room for the first time. I then noticed that the bedroom had not been vacuumed, someone had spilled something down the microwave and refrigerator, and there were WHITE STAINS that I can only imagine were a form of secretion from another guest in this hotel all OVER the red runner that went across the end of the bed. I was so grossed out I removed my luggage from the room for fear of bed bugs, and laid awake in bed until my daughter and husband woke up. That morning I tried to get in touch with a manager and have tried every day since to try and resolve the most disgusting stay I have ever had in a hotel and what do you know a manager is NEVER EVER there. I guess that explains the condition of their hotel but certainly does not satisfy or resolve my issues with the establishment. Here is yet ANOTHER attempt to get in touch with this hotel..... My advice stay away from this hotel or at the very least room 120.

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Found one adult and one bed bug nymph within just a few minutes of looking. Checked out. We were told they had no prior reports. They were very apologetic and refunded our money. Still scratching at the 259. Veterans day weekend 2013.

A short weekend away turned into an absolute nightmare. The five of us had two adjoining rooms. Two of us woke up on the second morning of our stay covered in bed bug bites. The agony of the bites was horrible. The hotel employees were not apologetic. They gave us a roll of plastic bags and let us deal with bagging our things, sending us home with luggage and clothes potentially infested with bed bugs. The manager, who was not on the premises called the following day and reported that no bugs we

re found in either room. The bites continued to appear on our bodies, and a third member of our group experienced bites over the several days after leaving the hotel. We have already spent hundreds of dollars on pesticides, laundry, steam-cleaning, and are suffering the emotional and psychological trauma of dealing with battling infestations.

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