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Thank you for your report. We immediately conducted a full inspection of the room and found no further evidence of bugs in the room. We are confident this was an isolated situation with only one bug, and truly appreciate you bringing it to our attention.
Carol Sullivan, Owner, White Mountain Hotel & Resort

On 12/3/12, we were checking out of our room and packing when I noted a single bug crawling on the sheet. I immediately call the front desk and they sent housekeeping up. Housekeeping confirmed that it was in fact a bed bug. I had even checked the mattress the night before and never saw anything.

I want to assure all of our past and future guests that we inspect all of our guests rooms daily, and our housekeeping staff is fully trained on proper procedures for bed bug inspections. These reported situations were in the past, were isolated and were immediately eradicated with a state of the art heat process to eliminate the problem. You can rest assured when staying at the White Mountain Hotel.

Checked in late on sept. 28,2011 and went straight to dinner. At 10:30 went to bed. At 2:30 my 6 yr old woke up, when we turned on the lights there was a bug on the bedspread. I killed it and didn't think anything about it until I saw one on the other bed, within minutes we had killed six of them. They were bed bugs. We went downstairs with a sample and pictures. The attendant at the desk was non pulsed to say the least. He was not helpful stating the manager would be on duty at 8:00a.m.

He did offer to change our rooms but we opted to leave, my 6 year old was crying from the bugs and they kept appearing on the beds. He also stated that the hotel had never had bed bugs and this was new to him. The next day when I spoke to the manager, he stated that this was new, the hotel did not have a bed bug problem. Obviously, from reading the reports on this site he was not being entirely truthful. Also, we left all belongings behind so as not to bring any bugs home. The hotel would not compensate us for our belongings stating they'd wash & send them. Not trusting them we opted to absorb the costs and have them dispose of our belongings. The vacation that didn't happen ended up being very costly.

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9/4/11 check in and inspected seams in mattress. i as with a friend and she did the same in her bed. i do this every time i stay in a hotel and i have never found a bug. i have stay at least 10 times at this place and never saw one. well i found one. i have no doubt it was a bed bug. i have seen them on line and it was in the seam on the bed. then my friend found one. we brought the bug in a tissue to the front desk. they were very nice and asked us to go to another room. we did on another floor

and found an infestation on the carpet edge where the head board is. there were actual hole on the edge of the carpet where the bugs go in and out. we call and told them. they said to bring a bug down. they did not bother to come and look (which would have been easier). we did not have tweezers so i just got a piece of the bug's brown shell with a tissue. when we went to the front desk they said they had never seen a bed bug so they were not sure this was one. i told them that for hotel manager they should know what a bed bug looks like. they offered us a third room totally away from the other 2. they went in an checked it out and then told us they did not see any and we could look too. we did and i mean we search and over all this room was lot cleaner (no so much dust under the headboard carpet. we stayed here and i have been squeemish and after i check out i will not be staying here again. i really like this place and the staff our great people. they insist they have never had a problem and they every one involved had never seen a bed bug before. they kept our dead bugs to show their manager. i think we should have gotten a complimentary something. my friend and i were spent 2 hours working this problem out. we were very nice about our gross findings. i do believe an appreciation of this the hotel part would have been a considerate thought. oh well. life goes ...on good night.

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