Residence Inn North Conway
1801 White Mountain Hwy
North Conway, NH 03860-5158

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One of the dirties hotels I have ever stayed at for the money. I should have saved the $$$ and stayed a dirty motel for cheap and still had the same itchy feelings. We left our vacation a day early because of the filth and iciness. We all had BITES marks visible on us the next day.

We were so grossed out from the moment we walked in and call the front desk immediately.
The worst part they did NOTHING to help!

Four weeks later we bought a new bed and realized, we have bed bugs! The bug

guy said they are only weeks old.

My conclusion from the Bites we received when we stay in the hotel room, itchiness when we were there, our weeks old house guess (bedbugs: They came from Marriott Residence inn in North Conway NH.

I'm only writing this because they did NOTHING to help!

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Stayed here 7-2015. Got about 9 bites on my ankles and wrist. Appeared following day.

Stayed here on September 1, 2012. On september 3, 2012 I started noticing a number of bed bug bites over my body totaling around 10.

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