North Conway Grand Hotel
72 Common Ct
North Conway, NH

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Stayed in room 127, first night woke up with a few areas of redness on my legs; thought it was a reaction to hot tub chemicals. 2nd and 3rd night got worse. Severe itching. Got home and immediately saw my doctor who diagonsed me with scabies (bed bugs). This hotel room absolutely has an issue with bed bugs (a crying shame because all else was fabulous here!!) I reported it to management who basically denied it. I feel badly for anyone else who stays there as I'm sure from the response nothing wi

ll be done to treat this issue.

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North Conway Grand room 329, July 2014. Woke up with many itchy bites. Looked under the bed sheets, unzipped mattress covers and found bug husks and blood dots. Informed hotel receptionist who said nothing but "thanks for letting us know".

We were sound to sleep for about an hour, suddenly felt a bite, something bothersome. Sure enough there were bugs in the bed.

Have stayed at this hotel every 6 months for the last few years. I always do a thourough inspection with a flashlight before bringing anything or any family members in and it has always checked out fine. No evidence of any bedbugs.

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