Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites North Conway
1732 White Mountain Hwy
North Conway, NH

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July 1 2012: Found an adult bedbug wandering on floor in bathroom the morning after our 2nd night. Brought the live bedbug to management. They were concerned and responsive and checked room--no others found.(I had checked on arrival as well). Quarantined room and said they would have pest control check on Monday. I naturally bagged clothes but had to discard suitcases and non washable items. Did not hear back so called several days later and was told there was no infestation found. They refused

to admit the bug(which they kept for expert ID by pest control) was a bedbug. They would only say it was an "adult insect".Fortunately I had a computer and was able to compare it to multiple web postings to confirm it was a bedbug without ANY doubt.

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