Radisson Hotel Nashua
11 Tara Blvd
Nashua, NH 99999

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I stayed at this hotel in August of 2015. I cam home and found bed bugs. After calling in an exterminator, they determined the life cycle pointed back to my stay at this hotel. Please do not stay there. It has cost me more than 5000.00 to get rid of this problem.

Recently I stayed several days in the Radisson Hotel located at 11 Tara Blvd, Nashua, NH 03062 during my visit to Nashua. I had a terrible bed bug experience in the hotel. I found bugs and mosquitos in my room and I got about 60 blood spots covering my skin after I stayed in the hotel about 15 hours. I called the hotel front desk and asked if they had some sprays for bugs. They said they did not have a spray but they could change a room for me. I went down to front desk and showed them the blood

spot on my body. They changed a room for me and said they were going to report to the hotel manager. The itching, redness and swelling were getting worse after two days. When I checked out, I talked to them again. They told me they had the room inspected and they did not find any bugs in the room. They denied the bed bug and refused to solve it.

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My brother and his fiancé were married on Saturday, September 21st and had their reception at Radisson Hotel Nashua. Everything was beautiful until the following morning when my sister woke up with a bed bug crawling on her shirt. I immediately attempted to contact hotel management but, most likely because it was Sunday, management was unavailable. I spoke with someone at the front desk who told me someone would be up to check. An hour and twenty minutes later I had to call back because noo

ne came. This time I spoke with the housekeeping manager who didn't know anything about my call. She came up and confirmed that what we found was a bed bug. We had a block of rooms on the 6th floor and everyone was alerted to check their rooms. We found them in at least three of the rooms. We have called corporate and I am trying to get in touch with the board of health. I hope that our calls help get the situation resolved for their future guests, but I know I will never stay there again. Absolutely disgusting!

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I'm an employee of the hotel. The only reason I'm coming here to report the bed bug infestation is because management refuses to do anything about it. It has been 3 months since they were discovered. I have thought about calling the board of health, but management fired someone for calling OSHA regarding safety concerns, so I am afraid to be discovered and lose my job.

Check your mattresses, box springs and headboards if your room number ends in 01, 02, 03, 04 on any of the 7 floors.

We stayed there 4/24-4/28/11 and found bed bugs on you dog's blanket when we returned home. It caused us so much work and distress and we are still on the lookout for problems. We really took alot of precautions and kept all our bags on top of the desk. Even our shoes were kept off the floor. I don't wish this on anyone.
We had stayed here many times before and never had a problem.

Heard from a former employee that the whole hotel was totally invested about 4 years ago or so and did not properly get rid of the bugs.

I stayed at the RAdison on May 20,2009 and had a HORRIFYING bed bug experience. I too woke up to blood spots and SAW THE FRIGGIN THINGS WITH MY OWN EYES. I had gotten out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around me when I called the front desk. They were going to send someone right up but I said, hello I'm getting dressed. So I immediately packed up my things and JETTED out of there. I shouldve let an employee come in and see for themselves because at LEAST they couldn't completely deny them

being there. I'm going to get the word out as much as I can. Those JERKS! They need to accept thier issue and FIX it not hide it! I ended up with over 200 bites from head to toe and I've been affected for life, but since I"m not a litigious person i decided not to sue. I hope someone does though...for the pure fact of the way they handled the situation.

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Stayed in the Nashua Radisson (Room 543) from the evening of 5/1/09 and left the morning of 5/3/09. Woke up 5/2 at 6am - blood spots next to me on the sheets. Inspected under the pillows, and found bedbugs of various sizes. Immediately called front desk asking them what we have to do to not carry them home with us -- the on-duty staff had no idea and no procedures. This is a RADISSON and we couldnt believe they didnt have this issue in their training manuals! An abomination!!

Anyway, they

finally got a manager and the head of maintenance on the phone, they took most of our clothing (with the exception of the ones hanging in the closet we had to wear that day to attend a family affair) and sent them to the cleaners. Luckily, most of our bags were across the room from the bed and on desks, so hopefully they were spared infestation. they also moved us to another floor and wing. My parents were in the adjoining room and they moved them too at our request. we really wanted to leave after one night stay but couldnt due to the age of my parents and the departure time after the party. Radisson gave us free breakfasts and didnt charge anything for the weekend. we also asked them to pay for an additional cleaning of all our clothes taken on the trip when we returned home, and they agreed. We put our bags directly in our garage when we arrived home and will leave them their for some time just to be sure. Not sure this is over yet -- i guess we'll have to wait to see if we see evidence of infestation of our very clean home during the next few weeks.

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