Days Hotel Merrimack
242 Daniel Webster Hwy
Merrimack, NH 03054-4809

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I stayed 7/2-7/6 at this hotel (now a Comfort Inn). My last day I saw a bug in the room, but really didn't think anything of it. I came back home with what I thought was a mosquito bite, but a few days later it spread to the rest of my body. I went to the hospital to get checked out and the doctor told me it was most likely bed bug bites. I called the hotel and the woman that answered the phone only said "I'll check. I'm sorry" and then hung up on me. I was in room 108 that week. I will never re

commend this hotel to anyone!

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First, this is a Comfort Inn now not a Days Inn. But all in all this is a gross place and should be closed down.

I work for ImBev and this hotel is listed as an approved vendor. I immediately filed a report when I got back. I checked into my room and it smelled musty. But I was so tired I got right into bed. The next morning I felt something crawling on my arm and quickly brushed it off before I saw what it was. I then noticed I had a couple bites in that area. I thought it might be a

mosquito since there are now screens on the windows.

As I was leaving I noticed one of the maids pulling a sheet out of her dirty linen, spray it with fabrees and take it back into a room. I was so grossed out I went right back to my hotel room and packed.

WHen I got home I found two dead bed bugs in my suit case attached to my pj bottoms. I called the hotel 5 times and never got a call back from their GM Mitch.

Stay clear of this hotel!

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I went to sleep on 8-12-2010, I woke up that morning to my arms being excessivly itchy, I noticed after I showeres at least 10 to 12 mosquito looking bites on the forearms of both arms and one bite on my lower back, Iresearched on line to see if they were bedbug bites and sure enough they were. I took pictures of the bites and notified managment

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