Super 8-Airport
2301 Brown Ave
Manchester, NH 03103-6813

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I stayed in 401 with a friend, legs are covered in bites. He still is in the room. Figured I should report it. Today is 9/14/15. I've thrown out my comforter at home because I'm afraid of transfer. I hope that's enough.

Super 8 still has bedbugs. From what I was told from a welfare family that lives there the reason they are there is because welfare places them there is because it's the cheapest hotel in Manchester. So the lower income families go there and bring them with them. The family of four made me think twice about staying there. For the two nights I stayed there this family disgusted me. The parents smelled nasty and hung out by the front door stealing ciggirettes from the buttcan. The two teena

gers where covered with bites. The parents had scabs all on those legs. As I was smoking the whole family hit me up for butts and I gave them to them. As I was talking to them they told me they got evicted because they refused to pay rent due to bedbugs. So from the way I see it. The mom dad brother and sister are breeding them and I leave the place with some bites on my ankles hitting up some dry cleaners to make sure I don't bring them with me back to holiday inn across the street or even back home in Cali. Stay away from super 8. Weflfare families stay there. They bring bedbugs with them. Seen it with my own eyes and bites on my legs to prove it.

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I work at the Manchester Super8. We and our house keeping staff especially were very upset by this isolated event. We greatly apologize to any guest that had this issue. When we were made aware of the problem we searched all rooms in the hotel immediately, using the methods we use everyday to check for and prevent any outbreak. Once aware of the issue and the room effected we contained and removed all fibrous materials from that room and called bedbug approved exterminators to have the the speci

es eradicated from the hotel as well as properly dispose of the room's materials. we search for the signs and or presence of the bug daily. We are relieved that we have since had no issue with guest and have found no signs of any infestations. with this in mind we encourage the potential guest's of any hotel to visually check a room and it's linens for bugs prior to laying down, unpacking or even bringing luggage into any facility. We take great effort in assuring our guest that our location is clean, safe and well maintained. we proudly say without any personal or professional bias that we continue to prevent such issues from ever happening again.

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I stayed in room 402 Friday aug 19 2011. The next day I have about 100 bites on my body. I returned on the 21 to report it to the hotel, do not stay @ this hotel!

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