Radisson Hotel Manchester
700 Elm St
Manchester, NH

Found 2 reports:

I stayed for 5 nights for a convention June 2-7, 2013 and did not ever see any physical bed bugs, but i began itching while I was there and the day I left I was covered in bed bug bites up and down my arms, chest, legs, hands, feel and ankles... basically anything that was exposed. I have tested my bedroom and the others in my home and have found no evidence. I am really hoping I did not bring them home with me.

I stayed with my wife for the Buble concert...thought it would be a great evening .It ended up a disaster I am bitten all over and so is my wife...what a dump this palce is.The satff is clueless and i had no access to complain to anyone.I am told another guest had their son bitten pretty bad and i can see why...stay away from this place it is old and tired should not even be called a Radisson!!I only hope I can rid of this problem...I am apalled..PS they will tell you this came from acompetitor

do not believe it >i am a paying customer...radisson you should be ashamed..

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