Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Manchester-Airport
1298 South Porter Street Manchester Nh 03103, United States
Manchester, NH

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I stayed at this hotel 01/17/2013 - 01/19/2013 in room 218. The first night, after waking in the morning, I found multiple bug bites over my body, my legs, arms and on my face.

I called the front desk and no one answered. I immediately left the hotel. It took 3 calls and speaking with 3 individuals to get another room - which their regional manager Jay assured me would be taken care of.

I came back the 2nd night, the front desk knew nothing about being bitten by bed bugs and nothing abou

t having another room. They did provide another room, but there was no interest from management regarding my health.

Management never contacted me. I was only able to speak with the front desk clerks. They never asked if I needed anything, if I needed medical attention - NOTHING. The only thing they offered me was 1000 Priority Club Points. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I am platinum, what do I need more points?

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