Econo Lodge Manchester
75 W Hancock St
Manchester, NH 03102

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8/18/2012 we check into our three rooms, after a night on the town and a few to many, we all went back to our rooms, just passed out. this morning we wake up and converge into my room. about the same time we all noticed little bugs crawling on the beds and walls. turns out all three rooms are infested. we collected several and brought it to the front desk, "oh buddy, Ive never seen these before". bull spit. we demanded our money back because we have a really big friend who is very scary when he'

s mad. I would say that they are the dumbest management crew I have ever seen. and i saw the sheets they were replacing on the beds and they were all stained different shades of yellow. I doubt even if they were looking for bugs they wouldn't even see cause they DON'T clean the rooms. I am so disgusted with them the place should be closed and burt to the ground.

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I stayed at this hotel on 9/9/10 and this hotel has bed bugs.
I reported it to the front desk at 2am...brought a bug in a cup to the counter to prove it. Left to another hotel.

Received a letter in the mail that housekeeping looked into my complaint and they "hardly found any".

What a response!!!

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