Comfort Inn Manchester
298 Queen City Ave
Manchester, NH

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My husband woke on our 2nd morning with bites, more bites on night 3. We were on the supposed newly renovated 5th floor. I made them aware at front desk, and they said they would look into it and call me. No call yet, but i am going to call them. I'm convinced they were bed bugs bites especially after finding this site.

We stayed 9/12/12....when we got to the room I checked the beds as I always do (I've never seen a bed bug before but always look under the sheets to make myself feel better)....I didn't find any bugs so I thought that was okay. I did however see a few spots that I thought were just stains.

Later that night my 8 year old daughter was getting ready to hop into bed when she called in a panic to me...sure enough there was a bug in her bed. Still not knowing what it was....we all checked it out

(it stayed still for us) then my husband killed it...and we googled to see what we were dealing with. Well of course it was bed bugs!!

I went to the front desk, they changed our room to one below us...and took our next day clothes and put them in high heat for us. We kept everything in the bathtub in the new room.

At this point it was close to midnight and we have three young children. My husband was tired and went to bed and told me to stop looking :(

Well, I didn't listen because I was so freaked out I couldn't sleep. I lifted my 6 year olds pillow and found a live larvae under it :( Then I also found some shells in our gross. I basically sat up all night (because at this point three of them were sleeping) and we didn't use covers and I kept the place lit up like the fourth of July.

I told front desk in the morning they said they wouldn't charge us....they didn't argue at all...they obviously know they have a major problem...they should really be shut down and do some major gross. I will NEVER be the same staying at a hotel again. Not even here at home....I'm so paranoid now!

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We stayed here on July 25, 2012 upon arriving in Manchester and planned to stay here again before flying home. I did the cursory check before bedding down but found nothing. While in the bathroom, I began to itch in the area under my bra strap and found a welt there. I inspected the bra which I'd left on the bathroom counter and found nothing. But very near to it was a tiny, beige colored speck. Wary of bed bugs and not knowing what they look like, I took a piece of tissue and pressed down and f

ound a tiny spot of blood on the tissue where the speck would've been. That night I slept with the lights on and had no further problems. I mentioned it to the front desk on check out and they said they'd send someone to inspect the room. I wasn't sure what it was or even where it had come from. I wondered if I'd gotten it on the plane. I later spoke with my brother who picked up a bed bug problem when he visited San Diego. He told me about this site and looked the hotel up for me. When he told me there were some reports of bed bugs at this hotel, I cancelled our second stay and went somewhere else. Now I'll know to check these sites before booking any rooms.

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April 19 - 21, 2012
I stayed in room 305 for 3 nights. I woke up itchy with multiple bites after the second night, but assumed the bites were mosquitos. I am allergic and the bites were incredibly large, I had never seen a bed bug before. After the 3rd night, I woke up early in the morning, discovered additional bites in the same locations on my arms and back, and while doing research into bed bug bites on my computer in the bed, I saw one crawling across the sheets. I caught it, brought it

in a sandwich bag to the front desk. They immediately gave me another room, had someone come inspect the room, and helped me move my stuff and then go through it with me searching for more bugs. I left a few hours later, as originally planned. I wish I'd caught it sooner.

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I inspected my room when I first checked in and found no evidence of infestation.

Later in the night, I had a difficult time falling asleep and became increasingly itchy. After the itchiness escalated to a level I could no longer ignore, I turned on the bedside lamp to find three welts on my body. I quickly displaced the pillows and found a live bed bug running across the sheets.

I notified the front desk and they offered to move me to a separate room.

I checked my room upon first entering as I always do when traveling. No signs of bedbugs under the mattress, cushions, etc. On 11/12/11 I found two bedbugs on the sheets in my bed, one blood filled, the other not. I reported this to management and was moved to another room. Initially the response was pretty laissez faire however when approached again they did give me suggestions as to how to try to prevent infestation when I returned home and discussed their protocol when bed bugs are found.

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I stayed in room 119 on Thursday, July 14, 2011 and was bitten numerous times. I thought it was a mosquito at first, so swished my hands around in the air and moved the sheets over my arms. Then turned on the lights to see these 'critters; on me.
Since I got to bed at 0100 and had to get up at 0300 for a flight at 0500, I just rounded them up in a plastic bag and kept the lights on while a dozed for an hour. I had no idea what a bedbug looked, or that they were as big as they are...about the

size of an apple seed. When I went to the clerk with my bugs, he said they weren't bedbugs. Well, they were. I actually had to go the the doctor to get started on steroids due to the pain and swelling in my arms and hands.

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We stayed at this hotel night of 17 Sept 2010
in room 103.This room is still infested.We notified desk and were ghanged to room 101 which was clear.They said they were closing the room for 24 hours
until treatment.However,it was rented again the same night.So,it goes on.

Sunday, August 8, 2010. I stayed at the hotel in room 103 and saw/killed 2 bed bugs in the sheets.

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