Comfort Inn Airport
298 Queen City Ave
Manchester, NH 03102-4817

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My fiance and I stayed here in room 106 on Feb. 09, 2013. We had been asleep for all of about 3 hours when I was awakened by my fiance. He said to get up that there was bedbugs! When I got up I started to inspect bed. I noticed a bug on the sheet. It was a bedbug! I went to the front desk. The man there acted as though I was making it up or that we had brought them into the room just so we wouldn't have to pay for it! He kept saying that they had to do an inspection. That's when I told him that

there was one on the sheet and to come with me. He wouldn't leave the desk, but did get some one from housekeeping to come with me. When we showed it to her she asked us what it was! How can you work in a hotel doing housekeeping and not even know what a bedbug is? She removed it from the room & we left! I did get charged for my room. We are still fighting the issue. All I got was an email from the general manager saying that they had done an inspection of that room and the rooms above it. Sorry for my inconvenience, but fortunately they do not have and infestation!

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