Eastgate Motor Inn

Littleton, NH

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It was the night of August 26, 2011 and we stayed just that one night. The room looked clean enough, but my friend and I didn't inspect. I did not sleep well and awoke in the morning with some bumps on the underside of my chin, but didn't think much about it. It turns out that I am sensitive to bedbug bites. By the next morning I had numerous lines (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.) and clusters of bedbug bites on my arms and legs as well. My friend slept in the other bed and has not had any

bites. After nearly a week, my bites still are itchy and painful, and I have to worry about whether I brought bedbugs home with me. I e-mailed the proprietor(s) twice to alert them of the problem so that they could have the room inspected and treated, with no response -- very disappointing.

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