Woodward's Motor Inn
527 Us-3
Lincoln, NH 03251

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I have been going there for 16 years never had a problem. I just got back today from a Christmas tree weekend. we rent four rooms and go up with family. My mom and dad woke up and had been bitten by bedbugs over the night. This is my first encounter with bedbugs. There were blood spots on the bed and bugs still in the sheets. we called the front desk. The GM came to the room and apologized and looked under the mattress and headboard that was attached to the wall. I was surprised that she new wha

t to do as if this wasn't her first encounter. anyway we put all our things in garbage bags and left immediately. This happened 12/2/12 Sunday morning. Room 60 in the pool room. I feel bad reporting it but in all fairness they didn't seem all that surprised so I think its only fair to report it. I do plan on making our trip next year, however with me you get one chance. if this ever happens again I will not return.

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