Comfort Inn & Suites Lincoln
21 Railroad St
Lincoln, NH 03251

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We at the hotel feel that we have to respond to this lady. She has threatened us with social media since we would not give her a full refund for her bites. She posted a picture on Yelp of her bites that show some huge welts that she claimed are bed bug bites. From the Hotel Association and our exterminators pictures these are not bed bug bites. Plus the fact that no one else in her room, including her husband who was in the same bed with her experienced any bites, nor anyone before or after

has complained, led us to the conclusion that she received her bites somewhere else. It is sad in todays world when someone can't get their way that they have to hide behind an anonymous posting on social media to hurt people who are trying their hardest to give their guests a great vacation experience. Other social media sites have pulled her reviews as being incorrect andd inappropriate.

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Bed bugs!! Where do I begin? My husband and I checked in for one night Friday the 8th. I awoke to 4 bites on the top of my right hand and another on my left forearm. Saturday noon I was having dull pain in both arms red and warm swelling around the bite sites. I called the hotel to let them know. They were going to have housekeeping look things over and said it was probably a spider bite. They proceeded with taking 20% off the night stay, stating that it was all the manager had the authority to

do. I went to the doctors today and they clarified that it was most likely bed bugs since I had so many bites clustered together on my hand, as well as the way the bites looked. Typically spiders bite once and move on. They don't keep biting over and over. I called the hotel back and told them I want a full refund. I work in the healthcare field, patients keep looking at my hands like its a disease or something, not to mention the fact that I can barely get gloves on from the swelling. Not only did my stay at the Comfort Inn and Suites ruin my weekend, its now ruining my work week. This should be a no brainier for this hotel establishment...Reimburse the unhappy customer. Bed bugs, def a problem, this business needs to get someone more qualified than "housekeeping" to look it over.

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