Days Inn Lebanon Hanover
135 State Route 120
Lebanon, NH 03766

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I stayed at The Days Inn on 9/13 and 9/14. Upon arrival, I noticed the smell. Very musty.Very dirty. Went directly to the bed, and saw both the mattress and box spring were encased in bed bug covers. However, the bed skirt was spotted with brown, black, and blood streaks and spots all the way around the bed. It appeared to me that the hotel certainly had a problem in the past, but seeing the evidence so clearly on the skirting told me what ever they did , did not work. I may have gotten one b

ite on my ankle, but not sure as I did not see the actual bugs while there. Upon returning home and inspecting my luggage (outside my home) I did find one.

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The bedbugs at this place are actually big enough to see easily. I found 3 feeding on me and about 10 more walking around on the top blanket. VERY, VERY DISTURBING! Like the previous poster, I also informed the staff (and showed them physical proof - several I collected) and they acted like it was no big deal. Just another day at the office so to speak. The staff don't care, so nether do I. I warn those who use actually had the foresight to review this registry... stay away!

I stayed at this hotel from 10/27/13 to 11/01/13 in room 119 and discovered that my room had bed bugs on the last day of my stay. The hotel manager comped me 1 night after stating we haven't had an issue in that wing.

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