Cabot Motor Inn
200 Portland St
Lancaster, NH 03584-3315

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December 27-28, 2009

I stayed with my family for two nights at the Cabot Motor Inn. Several of us killed small bugs that we didn't recognize but, being from Virginia, didn't think too much of it, not being familiar with the local insects. The day after our first night, my mother kept complaining of itching, the worst she had ever felt. By the next day, I finally took a look and was horrified to discover that she had a trail of large red bumps all around her abdomen. The rest of my family star

ted to develop itchy bumps on hands, feet, necks and chests by this time, as well, though not to the same extent as Mom (I did not suffer any bites. Seems the little buggers don't care for the taste of pessimists!). In addition, we noticed tiny blood spots on some of our pillows and sheets, not understanding what it could mean. We took my mother to an emergency room and the doctor believed that they were indeed bedbug bites! This, of course, sent us into a tizzy and we immediately began to do research. We recognized the bugs we had been killing as bedbugs from photos.

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We were staying at the Cabot Motor Inn Columbus Day weekend 2009. I don't remember what room # but it was on the first floor. The first night I did kill a bug I noticed on the side of the bed...I just thought it was a little beetle. I have never encountered these things before. We did not break out with the bite marks until we were home. I had about 40 bites my 3 children about 20 each but my mother got bit the worse...about 60 bites. This room was obviously infested!! I wish we figured it out w

hen we were there but with no visible bite marks we enjoyed our 3 night stay packed our bags and went home. After a few days home after we broke out with bite marks and when we figured out what happened I was freaking out and researching everything. I thought for sure we probably brought the bastards home. Thankfully we did not! But my life was hell for about a month I cleaned everything, vaccumed everyday, I bought the DE powder just in case. No bugs and no new bite marks so 2 months later I think we are safe. I still have one old bite mark on my foot that hasn't gone away and is still itchy. Just thinking about those bugs bitting my children makes me sick. I have learned my lesson I know now that I need to inspect hotel rooms before we even bring our luggage in. I don't think I will sleep well in any hotel anymore. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

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