Super 8
3 Ash Brook Rd
Keene, NH 03431-5918

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Hi all
I am a guest of days inn for last 6 and half year , I travel lot to around countrey, I always look for review any way I been with this hotel for so long I can give you guarantee this hotel is clean comfortable, I know manager his name is jim..he is always on top of every thing, I never had any problem in past they always been doing some thing to up grades ......even I stayed last week my room was clean I inspect for bed bug I dint see any thing , I highly recommend this hotel to stay w

hen ever you travel to Keene,nh

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I would like to submit this as an "update" to my previous post (the only existing one) for this property.


I'll spare everyone the details but felt the following update should be noted.

The pest inspectors were not able to find evidence of an infestation in our room, nor was the Health Dept Official. Rather it looks like at best the few little guys we saw came in with a previous guest (there was a crew of bikers who had been touring the country staying at the hotel-nothing agai

nst bikers mind you! but they likely had been moving from hotel to hotel and could have brought them in) and perhaps never would have evolved into a infestation. I say this because the Health Dept Official felt strongly that this hotel is "doing all the right things" to prevent infestation and that's good enough for us.

It irritates me that the hotel now may think we made it up or were mistaken but the fact remains that we caught a few of them, video taped them, and my wife did have bites. I also don't like that the owner never bothered to show up as promised.

That said, I don't think this is a problem hotel and if not for the fact that my wife would NEVER ALLOW IT, I would probably not hesitate to stay there again.

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Firstly it's necessary I think to report that this hotel is not longer a Super 8. It is now a Days Inn but the address is the same.

My wife and I had stayed in this building in the past when it was still a Super 8. It's the same management as we both recognized the manager. We had not had issues in the past.

We booked our room via the daysinn website for 4 nights. While we weren't impressed when we got in the room we thought nothing of it...just dingy and lonely feeling. My wife felt some

bites on her leg after the first night but we dismissed it as possible mosquito bites from being at the lake. By the 3rd day she has been bitten repeatedly and we knew something else was up. We thoroughly inspected the bed at this point and were disgusted to find several bed bugs crawling around in the sheets and on the mattress. There were also small blood streaks, presumably from them getting smashed at night. I captured several and put them in a plastic q-tip holder to show management.

Not unexpectedly they expressed shock and said that they would call they owner and that he would be right over. He never showed up and I was told we couldn't get a refund without his consent. From there we returned to the room (at this point my wife was packing as we couldn't possibly stay there another night)and I captured video with my phone of them crawling in the sheets. We took photographs too.

My wife was in tears as she (and I) were terrified we'd bring them home with us. We drove to the Dept of Health for Keene, NH and spoke with a great guy who took the captured bugs from us, promised he would be heading right out to the location and gave us some advice for cleaning our clothes, throwing out our luggage, etc.

From there we returned to the hotel briefly as I discovered that in our haste we had not returned our electronic keys. Upon returning them the Manager told me that they owner had not showed up (as promised) and that there was nothing he could do. Not 5 minutes after I left him and the hotel that same manager called me to tell me that the exterminators were there and that they found nothing. Fishy that he didn't just say that or mention that they were even there when I was with him in person 5 minutes prior.

We've logged complaints with the City of Keene's health dept, Days Inn Customer Care and obviously the owner and management.

We don't know what to expect but I don't think its' unfair for me to warn others to not go to the Days Inn in Keene, NH. My wife is in tears, our luggage in the garbage and our clothes in the local laundry mat.

A needed vacation ruined.

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