Stone Gable Inn Hampton
869 Lafayette Rd
Hampton, NH 03842-1257

Found 4 reports:

Rented a room here in early October 2011. Woke up covered with bites. Found atrocious infestation of bedbugs. These people are knowingly renting out bedbug infested rooms. I wish I knew of this site before my visit here.

this place has had bugs for years and is managed by a fw herion and oxy addicts they could care less!

October 2010 - Stayed here & woke up to discover a bedbug crawling across my chest & bites all over me. Further inpection revealed bedbugs everywhere. Reoprted to desk clerk, who really didn't seem to care! Will never stay here again.

stayed here on Sept 11 2010. I woke up to tons of bites which prompted me to immediately search the bed. Once I pulled the sheets back and look in the crevices of the matress to no surpirse tons of bed bugs. I immediately left!

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