Sands Hotel & Resort
32 Ashworth Ave
Hampton, NH 03842

Found 3 reports:

Room 327 - sitting up in bed around 10 am and saw a bed bug walking across the wall - in the light of day no less!!

My husband and our daughter and her friend stayed here on Nov. 1, 2013. We were in room 329. The place was filthy, dirt and dust behind all furniture. The bathroom was also disgusting the tub was actually brown. We probably would have check out sooner but we were there to see a show at the Casino Ball Room for the kids and didn't want to ruin their time. After the show we settled in and soon discovered that the room was not only filthy but my daughter discovered a bed bug on the pull out co

uch mattress. I caught it on a sock and but it in a plastic bag to show at the front desk. They admitted they had a problem since summer time. He seemed like it was just part of the territory in the Motel business and refunded our money. In the meantime we had to bag up all our clothes and leave with out even a jacket on in the middle of the night. We had a two and a half hour drive home after a very exhausting day. Now I have a ton of laundry that I will do at the laundry mat today since I won't bring one item even my purse into the house.

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My husband and I stayed in room 426, my sister and brother in laws stayed in room 431. The place was dirty (ac unit was full of filth I cleaned, the chairs falling apart, wall paper pealing, bathtub needed bleaching, we over looked these things to a point) however the worst part was on the 2nd night when I went to bed around 1130 and woke up around midnight, turned the light on and found 3 bed bugs (one on one pillow, two on the other pillow), I killed them and they were full of blood. I could

n't stay in the room so got dressed and went to my car till my husband came down around 6am and we left for home. He had slept on the couch both nights because the bed was so hard he put his shoulder out the first night. There was only a security guard there when I went to my car, no one was at the desk when we left at 6am and I called when I got up in the afternoon. The manager, a young sounding man, didn't seem to even care!!

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