Nautical Motel LLC
147 Ashworth Ave
Hampton, NH 03842-3443

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Rented a 3 bedroom house on M St. in August 2015. Noticed about a half dozen bites on my left arm after first night, but I didn't realize what they were. By second night I was suspicious and found bed bugs after third night in one second floor bedroom. Reported immediately to management and was told room would be quarantined, pest control would be notified and owner would be sent over. A hotel room was provided since that bedroom could no longer be used. I left the office with impression t

hat all of these things would happen that day. Spent day on first floor of the house washing all items that were in the room.

By evening - no one came to quarantine the room, no owner, no pest control - but I did find another bedbug walking on couch on first floor. Went straight to office and reported second sighting and vacated house. Housekeeping came and investigated and found bugs on every bed.

Was informed next day (only after asking) that pest control was not available until weekend (4 days later). Did not speak to owner until 3 days later. I was reminded over and over by staff and (eventually) owner that "even 5 star hotels" get bed bugs....yes that is true...but they most likely take the issue seriously and actually address the problem.

Housekeeping did assist as much as possible. Management/owner didn't appear to understand how traumatic situation was for their guest. When I questioned what would be done I was brushed off like it wasn't my concern. I was actually told I should go back in the house and enjoy nice dinners - wasn't going to happen.

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