Hampton Village Resort
660 Lafayette Rd
Hampton, NH 03842

Found 3 reports:

Stayed in room 213..full of bedbugs.Stayed two nights then left because we were covered in biytes.Don't stay there it's a shithole!No refund given.They tried to say we broughtthem 28th us.We stayed there on 9/9/2

11/10/12- 11/11/12

My boyfriend and I came up to NH to spend the weekend and picked this place since it was reasonably priced. I am aware of bed bug problems so checked the sheets and mattress as soon as we got there. There was no problem the first day. However, on 11/11/12 around 9pm we fell asleep early watching a movie with the light on and when I got up to go to the bathroom a bed bug was right there on my pillow next to where my head was. I immediately woke up my boyfriend and put the b

ed bug in the container and got a refund for the night and got the hell out after carefully examining every single item we had brought with us. They would not give us a refund for the first night. We stayed in room 217 two doors down from where the last report was filed a month ago about this hotel. DO NOT GO HERE!

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9/22/2012 I spent the night there. Two days later I had many insect bites on my arms, head, face, etc. There seems to be no other explanation. I found comments about the place by former customers and was convinced. The management denied their existence saying they had been inspected and given a certificate they were fine. It is true that my friend who was there as well did not have a reaction; however, I understand some people don't. I'm sorry to report that there may be bedbugs or there

were then in room 215.

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