Ashworth by the Sea
295 Ocean Blvd
Hampton, NH 03842

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I discovered "the bug" on top of the bed in room 118 @ Ashworth By The Sea in Hampton Beach on Sat, Sept 17, 2011. However, a large group of us participating in the 2011 Reach For The Beach relay stayed in The Margate "Resort" (room 108) the previous night (Fri, Sept 16, 2011), making it difficult to determine whether the bed bug traveled on our suitcase from The Margate or whether it was already a resident of the Ashworth. In either case, I'm totally creeped out by both hotels, both because o

f the bed bug and because both hotels are mediocre-to-low end, at best...with the Margate rating particularly low in my book. I'm now kicking myself for not having thought to look for an online bed bug registry before staying in either of these places. I'm also pretty pissed for feeling like both hotels HUGELY oversell their product online to trusting travelers like myself! Both are highly overpriced and one, if not both, include bed bugs in the offing!

Thank you for starting this helpful bed bug registry! I'll definitely let friends and family know about it, as well!

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Ok, had been to 2 previous motels on Hampton Beach and figured the Ashworth being one of the nicest places on Hampton Beach would be ok. Well they wanted 200.00 per night. They gave me a key to check out a room and it was actually a very nice looking room, and very nice looking bed. I checked the mattress and in plain sight, in all the little circle crevices of the mattress, fecal matter and dead shells....i even went as far as bringing the dead ones outside for my boyfriend to see because he di

d not come in with me. I could not believe it. In all fairness i think there is an epidemic at Hampton Beach because all in all we ended up checking at 5 places. We finally found a place in North Beach, The Seascape Inn, which deserves "kudos" because they were the first bed bug free, no ifs, ands or buts. Thank goodness for the Seascape because otherwise we were driving 2 hours back home without staying the night!

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