Best Western White Mountain Resort
87 Wallace Hill Rd
Franconia, NH 03580-4900

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Stayed here begining of April. As it was dirty anyways "we were here" stayed 3 nights. Rash started on my husband then me he actually ended up getting sick with a bad cold so went to Dr. when we got home to NY and the rash is BED BUG bites the Dr. said!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they didnt come home with us. I went to call the manager Tina Shah she got very irate and denied them having them (which now I saw other reports) I said I can fax you the Dr. report she said "not needed as they dont have them"

I said her management title needs to be corrected and reported. Didnt even try to fix the matter ! Never again. Their fixing the outside they need to fix managment and cleanliness.

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On Sept 10, 2011 me, my husband and my 4 children stayed at the Best Western for one night in an emergency situation. We arrived and checked in at 11:30pm. Myself and my 2 daughters slept in rm 209 and my husband and my 2 boys slept in room 205. We all fell asleep around 1:30am and woke around 8am. My husband came and knocked on my door and whispered to me that there was a bed bug on him when he woke up in the morning. We took the bug in a tissue down to the front desk and showed the receptionis

t. She said oh we don't have bed bugs it's probably a tick. We showed it to her and she said "well I don't really know what they look like so I'll show it to my manager". We went back to my husbands room and pulled back the sheets to find little black stains on the pillows and the sheets, which is a sign of bed bugs. We were horrified and packed up quick and left. We are now in the process of washing all the clothes in hot water and disinfecting everything. We gave the Best Western our email but haven't heard anything yet.

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August 31,2010 we booked a room at Best Western Franconia. We decided to go to bed at 10:20PM after a long day. At 11:00PM I awoke to go to the restroom. At that time I noticed my hands very red and itchy. The lights were off in the room where the bed was. Upon returning I turned on the bedside lamp and witnesses 5-6 bed bugs crawling around on the sheet of the mattress by the pillow. I notified my husband and he got up to see the bugs on my side of the bed. We got dressed to go downstairs and

ring for the manager. She came back to the room with us and even though the lights had been on, she saw one bed bug and immediately stepped back. She explained that they keep their rooms clean and didn't know why that happened. They were booked so she offered to book us in another hotel and would refund our money. We did not want to infest another hotel and being that we were two hours from home we packed and left arriving home at 2 AM. I reported this to the hotel chain and the health control officer of the area. We recieved a letter from the manager of the Franconia hotel offering a 10% discount on our next stay. We also recieved a letter from the Best Western chain appologizing about the"vermin" found in our room. They told us that the 10% offer was very satisfactory to them even though we had to travel late to arrive home, shower,launder our clothes in hot water and dry in dryer,spray our luggage with 25% deet and discarded our night clothes.

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