Days Inn
406 S Main St
Concord, NH 99999

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I rented room 212 a couple weeks ago, early Sept 2013 and I inspected the bed as I always do to make sure there were no signs of bedbugs. What I found was disgusting, a huge "nest" of bedbugs right at the head of the bed and the bed was filthy. I didn't think it would be so obvious! I was so grossed out I went down the road and checked into another hotel to take a shower.

I rented a room at the days inn along with 3 of my friends on 9/09/12, we stayed in rooms 106, 120 and 218. Everything looked ok, with the exception the rooms are outdated and falling apart. But when we got up to go to breakfast, I noticed a bite mark on my ankle, and upon inspection of the bed I saw a cluster of bed bugs, same once I told my friends and we checked their rooms. Upon mentioning to a Debby, I got the impression this wasn't the first report they've had. And figured we got what we p

aid for. I would suggest to invest in a better place to stay rather then risk and take this pest to your home!!!!!

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