MT Washington Hotel & Resort
310 Mt Washington Hotel Rd
Bretton Woods, NH 03575-3097

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On July 13th and 14th, we stayed at the Mt Washington Hotel for 2 nights in room 364. This was a company sponsored outing.

During the stay and after the outing, I started to notice that I was bitten by bugs and the bite marks appear to be in groups, they are very itchy.

The situation is not getting worse by the day, all my family(my wife and a toddler son) are being bitten every night. The allergic reaction on my son is especially severe. We often find groups of bite marks after a night of

sleep. It looks to me we have got bed bug infestation at our house.

Besides Mt Washington Hotel, we didn't have any vacation or stayed in any other place recently. so we suspect we picked up beg bugs from Mt Washington Hotel.

The hotel room appears to be clean, but we did have our luggage open during the stay, and we did put our clothing on the bed for extended period of time.

We have never got bed bug problem, this is the first time.

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