Super 8 Fargo I 29 West Acres Mall
3518 Interstate Blvd S
Fargo, ND 58103-2219

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I stayed at the Super 8 hotel at 3518 Interstate Blvd. S hotel a few days ago. Room 210. After first night I noticed a bump on my arm not thing anything of it. Then it seemed to start spreading. The last night I stayed there there was a bug crawling on sheets. I screamed and my husband swatted it. I thought he killed it but after I brushed my teeth and came back it was crawling on bed. My husband really hit it then. Well I checked over my sheets and pillows and really didn't even know it

was a bed bug at the time. I've never seen them before. I was apprehensive about sleeping in bed but after looking over sheets several times I decided to go to bed. Monday the day we checked out I noticed back of my neck was itching then my arm and then I looked and welts were appearing all over my neck and part of arms. One on hand. Under chin. On eyebrow. For pete's sake!! I thought it was hives. I went to Dr. due to the terrible itching. And they confirmed it was bug bites. It's october and cold. I said are you sure? They asked if I'd stayed at hotel recently as the bites are bed bug bites. I said yes. AARGH. So now I am going in to see Manager tomorrow to show them what I am dealing with. I have a wedding to attend in 2 days. And I'm soo upset for the inconvenience mostly. I was given antihistemine pills and topical cream. I've taken the pill and a few hours later I had to take two benedryl and put more topical on. I'm STILL itching!! It just seems so unfair to suffer like this. Hotels need to do better job with pest control. No excuses just do it! The bug bite on back of my neck has swollen to a silver dollar size. At the very least this hotel needs to pay for my dr. visit and medications. Oh and my dr. said the bug bites can lay dormant and show up a few days later. so who knows what tomorrow will bring. Good Grief!!

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