Sleep Inn and Suites Spring Lake Hotel
102 Sleepy Dr
Spring Lake, NC 28390-3313

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My family stayed in the Sleep inn during the weekend of October 31st 2011, When we woke up early in the morning on the day of the 31st and my husband had been bitten all over his body they stated that they wanted us to go home and we refused because we were not going home without our items being cleaned due to the fear of taking bedbugs home with us. This hotel did not call an exterminator immediately, the exterminator did not come until well into the afternoon, this hotel did not want to move u

s into another room we had to ask.This hotel is adamant that we were not bitten by bedbugs but said we could have been bitten by roaches or some other type of rodent. Sue and Cassandra the managers at the time were rude and uncaring, once they cleaned our items they ruined many of them, I called them the very next day to report my items ruined and bought them a list of items, but they only reimbursed us for 2 of the 5 items ruined. I have all the pictures of my items, This hotel has stated that there were no blood stains on the mattress, but we have the pictures, they stated that the bugs behind the headboard were not bedbugs but we have the pictures, they stated that the marks on my husband were not consistent with bedbug bites but again we have the pictures. Once we received the official report from the exterminator we found that indeed the hotel had bedbugs and they lied to us and stated in their original letter to us that there in fact were no bedbugs.They didn't know what to do and didn't have a bedbug policy in place. My family was mistreated, my husbands skin was ruined, I did receive several bites and but they came up later in the afternoon and because my husband had so many and we already had those pictures I didn't find it necessary to expound on my bites, but I did report them when I called to speak to Sue the next day!
I asked this hotel to refund me for all of the items ruined and for my husbands missed day of work. IF we would have gone home they would have never taken responsibility for this situation and our family was not going to risk that!! They had me send in my husbands paycheck stub and my list of items and considering they had no intention of reimbursing us why exactly did they want his paycheck stub,to be nosy??
We had to ask to be moved into different room and ended up waiting until well into the afternoon for them to begin cleaning our items we didn't leave until we had clean clothes to leave we had to eat lunch inside the hotel room. we never received an apology for our poor treatment and that lame reimbursement was laughable. I had to request for the hotel to reimburse the church for the weekend stay as they told me at first they would either reimburse us for the items destroyed or our stay because they were already out a certain amount of dollars. This is not how you treat customers. I informed them that I expected them to do both! I have now retained counsel because this hotel refuses to take responsibility for their actions, and their reprehensible behavior towards my family.

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