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We stayed in L1 and when we first arrived I stripped the bed and checked it. The mattress and pillows were all encased so I figured we were fine. We stayed two nights and when we woke up after that night my husband and I noticed we had bites on our legs. Our two daughters were okay but they slept in footie pajamas. As the day went out we had more and more bites. When we finally got home that day we had chalked it up as mosquito bites but I took all of our clothes and bags and washed them anyway.

I'm hoping to god that we didn't bring anything home with us but I'm scared. I ran everything including duffel bags through the washer and dryers. My husbands bites were so bad that they started bursting and leaking pus. This cabin was also dirty and filled with dead bugs!

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My husband, daughter and I, along with 2 of our friends, stayed in cabin K6 at the New Bern KOA on August 17th, 2012. We had planned to stay the weekend as a little getaway camping trip.
During the night last night, I kept feeling like I was being bitten. At first, I chalked it up to either mosquitoes or my imagination, but as the night went on, it just got worse. I then used the light from my phone to look in the bed, and coming from the cracks in the wall in the corner of the

bed, were at least 75-100 bed bugs. I stripped the bed, shook off, and slept in the car, to wait until morning when the office could be notified.
When I woke up, my arms and legs were covered in red, itchy welts. My husband has approximately 5 or 6. Our daughter and our friends, who slept in the other room, do not seem to have any. We went promptly at 8am when the office opened. They refunded our money for our stay.
We packed up all of our bedding, clothes, etc, in large plastic bags, put them in the back of the truck, and hit the laundry mat before coming home. Hopefully that has eradicated the probability of any following us home.
2 days later, as bites can have delayed reactions, I have more than 300 welts over my arms, legs, back, and abdomen. I couldn't even begin to count the actual number.
I am completely horrified at the situation. I will be going to the doctor tomorrow to see if there is anything I can take besides benedryl, as well as to have the situation documented officially. Along with the extreme uncontrollable itchiness, my anxiety is through the roof, to the point that I had to take a narcotic pain killer last night, just to calm down to get some sleep.
I e-mailed corporate KOA, and am awaiting a response.

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We stayed in a cabin (L6) from 11/20 to 11/25 2011 at the New Bern KOA. We didn't stay anywhere else, drove right from MD to the camp ground and only spent only thanksgiving evening from 6pm to 10pm at my uncles house. We drove back from the camp ground on Friday, November 25th. We got home that evening. Tuesday morning I noticed small red bumps on my 1 year old. They looked like bug bites. I checked my three year old and she too had some bug bites. I sent them to preschool and daycare but check

ed their bedding when I got home from work. I didn't find anything so I washed and changed their bedding. The next morning it was worse and as the day went on me and my husband noticed bites on us. I took the girls to the doctor and they confirmed it was insect bites. That evening we cleaned everything and I was up most of the night doing laundry and researching bedbugs. The next morning I called an exterminator and they came out to do an expections but didn't find any bedbugs so they put traps under the legs of my youngest daughter's crib since she was the worse bitten. I cleaned more that night and kept checking my girls all night but saw no signs of bedbugs. I thought we just got the bites at the KOA in new bern and the bites were just showing up since I did read that it could take days before the bites show up on some people. I didn't see any new signs of bites, I took pictures of the bites and would compare the girls to the pictures every morning. It also didn't look like me or my husband were getting any new bites. My mom and dad also stayed in the cabin at the KOA and had some bites on their ankles. I assumed there wasn't any bedbugs in our house but I still cleaned from top to bottom, hand washing our hardwood floors, vacuuming all furniture and doing load after load of laundry. I finally thought it was all over with but about two weeks after we got back I happen to be going through a plastic bag with some Christmas gifts and saw a bug in the bottom of the bag so I looked at it closer and realized it looked just like a bedbug. I had looked at a million pictures online over the past two weeks so I was 100% sure that it was a bedbug. I put it in a container and thought I still need to check the portable crib (pack and play) that we took camping and where my 1 year old slept while we were at the KOA. So many people told me to check the pack and play but I was so focus on cleaning that I never checked it! I found 4 bed bugs just on the outside of the pack and play and took it outside at the sight of the 1st bedbug and was too scared to open it all the way!! I called the exterminator right away and they are coming at 9am tomorrow morning so we had to move everything off the floors and more furniture away from the walls so they can exterminate. It is midnight now and my girls are sound asleep and I'm up worrying about bedbugs like I have been for the past two weeks. This has been a nightmare and I just hope we can get it taken care of. I'm 110% sure that cabin at the KOA has bed bugs. Even the exterminator told me that if we would have been bitten in our house that there would be signs of the bed bugs in our rooms. I just feel awful for my 1 year old that was bitten up so bad most likely because she was the closest to the floor. We did call the KOA the week we saw the bites but all they said is they had no other reports of bites. I will be calling them tomorrow though and they aren't going to like what I'm going to tell them. They will need to cover the cost of $500 to exterminate!

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