Fairfield Inn-Gastonia
1860 Remount Rd
Gastonia, NC 28054-7414

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Look at the addresses people... it's the whole street-Local inspectors phone the properties & ask if there is a problem. They all deny any instances & the farce continues! I worked @ two of these properties & saw the many problems that went unreported, including lack of green cards, and health code violations in the breakfast areas, and fire code violations thru out the properties... pretty much all of the properties have had fires. I would never stay in any of them!!!

I have stayed at this facility for three weeks and have not encountered a bed bug yet. I have stayed in different rooms on different floors.

Two mnonths ago I stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Gastonia, NC. I went to bed a 1:00 am and was awakened because the air conditioning unit was making an irritating noise. I thought I could manipulate it but it continued so I turned on my light to call management and there they were bed bugs on my pillows, the headboard, and walls. This affected me so badly--the young girl at the front desk came up and she said she was going to get sick from looking at the bugs. I had to pack my items and move

out at 3:00 am and believe me I wasn't too happy about this--All my years of traveling I had never encountered a beg bug. I am very happy the the air conditioning unit woke me otherwise I would have been their breakfast, lunch and dinner. This has really affected me and I would never stay at that hotel again. And, now, I cannot stay at a hotel without thinking their are lurking somewhere--

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