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On April the 24th of 2014 at ten pm me and my daughters woke up to bites on our arms and legs from sleeping on a bug infested bed. We reported it to the front office but all they did was spray the bed with some kind of solution and told us we had to wait until Monday for pest control to come. As they proceeded to pull the sheets and blankets of the bed we realized the bed was badly stained and filthy. What am I to do I don't even want to sleep on this bed tonight and I have nowhere else to go ug

ggh this is annoying and they will not change our room. I have never in my life ever dealt with bedbugs didn't even know what to look for until my best friend came over and showed me all of the black marks on the bed and in the cracks. WHAT DO I SUSPOSE TO DO???????

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InTown Suites Response:

We work hard to prevent pests from entering our locations. Specifically for bedbugs, we have developed and implemented an extensive protocol to detect, eradicate and prevent these insidious creatures.

Our protocol has been in place for quite some time and we are confident that we are on the forefront of the fight against these pests.

Within this protocol, we are working with the guest to get rid of the bedbugs and resolve any issues they are having. The gue

st has informed us they are satisfied with the course of action chosen.

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I just found bed bugs ...i have never had them in my life..I just thought the bites on me were from knat bites, but the maintenance man said it was bed bugs..guess they woke up from a long sleep..i cant believe this..june 10,2011. they said they have a chemical to treat the room with, but they will not let me move to another room. I have no where to i guess i will let them do to wash all of my clothes....god what an aweful pest. worked all night and know cant get any sleep..d

ont want to sleep in the bed...i hope they change my bed as well.

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