Sleep Inn
1120 Copperfield Blvd Ne
Concord, NC 28025-2409

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Sleep Inn-Concord does not have suites you must be confused with the other Sleep Inn in Concord at exit 49.

My husband and I, along with 2 other couples stayed at this hotel in January of 2009. The room we stayed in was a suite and it was infested with bed bugs. I was bitten on the first night of stay, it was a minor bite so I thought it was an allergic reaction to the covers..maybe laundry detergent etc. I soon discovered on the 2nd night that I was wrong when I awoke on Sunday morning and discovered my legs, face, and arms were covered with bites. I pulled out my cell phone and looked around the mat

tress and underneath the sham...I almost fainted it was like a bedbug marathon going on. I immediately called the manager and he came to the room and observed the chaos as well. It was reported to the housekeeping staff and one of the workers said, "No wonder I've been itching when I go home. I am taking these damn things with me." Needless to say the HK manager fired her on the spot. I felt this was wrong on their part because (1) the worker did not know and (2) she had small children at home she was exposing this nasty pest too. The general manager did come over to the hotel and speak with me regarding this issue. My husband and I were treated at the local hospital; we were offered to get our belongings cleaned, but it wouldn't have happened until Monday (I lived 3 hours away and I had to be at work on Monday so that was out of the question). The down fall of the entire incident...It took the hotel too long to pay the hospital bill and we never spoke with the Corporate Manager as promised. The positive encounter I sued the place beause I felt the powers- that- be were not concerned or thoguht enough of us paying customers to at least call and apologize for their filthy hotel. My husband was fascinated with the whole experience because he thought it was just a saying..."Goodnight sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite..." until it actually happened. I encourage others to please share your story because I got this site from a friend and looking up this hotel it was evidenced that this hotel had never reported BEDBUGS as a problem. I asked the manager to pull cleaning policies, HK cleaning logs, mattress cleaning logs (PMs)...etc. My friends often laugh at the matter; they are always joking and saying.."of all the people in this hotel, it happened to you an Inpsector." What are the odds!

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