Koa Kampgrounds
92 Koa Campground Rd
Cherokee, NC

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We stayed in a cabin May 10-12, 2013. The first night, we were both bitten but I assumed it was possibly mosquito bites. By the time we left early Sunday morning, I had 27 bites I was able to count. I wore jeans and t shirt during the day and a sweatshirt while outside at night. In the cabin, I wore shorts and a tank top. The bites were in strange patterns all over me and I continued to get bit once we came home. We called a pest control company and they brought the dog out to sniff for bugs and

it alerted to my bag and clothes we had in the cabin. We just had thermal remediation 5 days ago and cleaned and washed EVERYTHING in my room and I threw alot of my stuff away just as a precaution. Now that I think back, I wish I would have paid more attention to the "specks of dirt" I thought was on our bed!!!

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Checked in August 31, 2012 checked out September 3, 2012. We rented two cabins and on September 1st we noticed spots on our clothes and upon inspection if the cabin discovered the bed bugs. The staff cleaned our laundry laundry and moved us to another cabin. Around 1am September 3rd we discovered bugs in the bunks of the 2nd original cabin, once again the staff was very helpful and moved us immediately and did our laundry through the night so that it would be ready upon checking out. They also r

efunded our rooms for the weekend but had we known prior to arriving we would have changed out plans.
While we are very appreciative of how helpful the staff was we will probably no longer be staying there unless we bring a camper.

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