Super 8 Motel Charlotte/Sunset Road
4930 Sunset Rd
Charlotte, NC 28269-2747

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I checked in on 9/8/2014 for one night. I woke at 2am to make a trip to the restroom and came back to bed and when I pulled the blanket back, there it was a bed bug that had been under me while I slept. Went to the front desk and they said all they could do is switch me to a diff room. So I moved, woke up my kids, checked all my luggage and did not take it into the next room even after trying to inspect it but t seemed no surprise to the night clerk or the day clerk. I actually caught the bug an

d put it in tape and took it to the front desk the next morning. The manager informed me that he would call me for a refund only after he did a thorough inspection of both rooms. My daughter got bitten which I'm highly upset about. I will be contacting health dept, I think this is an ongoing problem for this hotel.

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My family stayed about 4 days in two of the rooms. My brother in law and father law had bites on them when they woke up, thankfully our room that had our kids in it wasn't infected.

October 2012, my family experienced a situation causing us to be out of our home for one week. During that week we stayed at the hotel on the back side and noticed no bugs. However there were about ten sets of mattress outside by the dumpster. Upon our returning to our home I washed and cleaned everything we took with us. February of 2013 I was bitten by what i thought was a spider and had to go to the ER. Over the next few months i would get a bite or two thinking its just a spider or an ant. D

ecember of 2013 i found two bed bugs in my home. Its freakin me out. I have purchased DE-diamatacoues earth, encased my beds and my dog keeps scratching. I feel as if these hotels and so-called friends should be sued for endangering the welfare of others. I cant even sleep. My bed is the only bed that has not been covered and to top it off it is Black and old..this is a serious stress factor to me. Who should i sue?

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I checked in Friday 29th. Saturday morning I woke to find small red bite marks. I did not think much of it at the moment. Later on evening of Saturday the bite marks swoll up even more, big whelps. Sunday morning of check out I had more bites than the night before and then I realized they have bedbugs here. The bites start off small, very red and then they whelp up like a reaction and they itch. Sunday morning at check out I ask lady at front desk if they had report of bedbugs, she stated

NO REPORTS. Then I proceeded to show her the pictures I took of them as well as showing her the bites marks visually on me. Then she says well we had reports of them on the other side which is the front side. I asked what did they do to fix the matter. Changing out the mattress does not work. I will be reporting this to health department cause they know and they still renting these nasty bug infested rooms. They hide in mattresses, bed furniture, covers, and other places, that's why you cannot just change the mattress. Monday April 1st I will be calling the manager to talk to him.

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