Quality Inn Executive Park
440 Griffith Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217-3541

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Was in the room for about 20 mins before flipping over the pillow and seeing a bed bug crawling on the pillow case. I have death with bed bugs before, so I know it was definitely one. Captured the bug and took it downstairs to the Front Desk. They refused to refund us, requested that we throw the bug away, and downgraded/moved us into a room with 2 double beds (even though we had requested a new room with a king bed). Did not seem concerned about the seriousness of bed bugs at all. Definitely d

o not stay here but if you have to, check the mattresses and box springs of your room.

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Airline employee. 5/17/14. Room 307. Awoke 5:30am with bug crawling on my on upper back. Reached around and squashed it, wiping the bloody remains on a pillow. Upon inspection it was definitely a large bed bug gorged to the max with my blood. Now deceased. Checked out immediately. Will never stay again. It's a filthy place anyway. Preserved the remains for the health dept.

Dear Valued Guest,

The management staff at the Quality Inn Executive Park understands that Bed Bugs are a very serious issue. We do have routine monthly pest control service from the reputable company Orkin to try to prevent any situations that may come about. When ever such a situation is brought to our attention either by a guest or housekeeping management we immediately contact our pest control company (Orkin) and address the issue .

We feel that at the same time people need to be aw

are themselves about Bed Bugs. A hotel having Bed Bugs doesn’t mean they are an uncleanly hotel. What it means is that a guest, not the same guest that might have seen them but a previous guest has brought them into the hotel. It may not be known to a lot of people but Bed Bugs are in all corners of the world and who can predict where they truly came from but we do know that travelers are the number one transporters of Bed Bugs. We have read many articles on speculations which countries where they believe Bed Bugs originated from but however the fact remains they are still a nuisance.

We take pride in our hotel and the guest we serve. I can ensure that the Quality Inn Executive Park does not or has ever had a Bed Bug issue. We asked that you the guest or future guest not to believe the false accusations placed against us on this website. We understand that this website is just making people aware of hotels that might actually have legitimate Bed Bug issue and we appreciate that. However we were never contacted by the website to verify any of the accusations placed against us.

If you have any questions or concerns I ask that you call me directly so I can address them.

Michelle Reed
(704) 525-0747
Quality Inn Executive Park
General Manager

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I used to stay in this hotel often as i was known as a "regular guest." I no longer stay there. 2 rooms that i have stayed in I have been ate alive. I am a usair employee, and have made it very clear to all my fellow usair employees to NO LONGER STAY THERE!!! The manager acts if they never have a problem with bed bugs, however when i have brought it to her attention she says no discounts till she gets it varified. Mind you i was a regular guest. I would recommend not staying here. Unless you lik

e to be lied to and ate alive!

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Let me tell you ..... DO NOT STAY HERE!! I've reported this place to corporate AND the Mecklenberg County Health Dept!!! I spent ONE NIGHT here and was COVERED with bites .... and I was only there for a TOTAL of 6 hours!! GOD forbid I stayed longer. When I tried to report this to the HOTEL MGR ... all she said was she is no expert ...and you certainly NEITHER ARE YOU SIR ... then hung up!! This woman should be MADE to sleep au naturale for one night IN THE SAME ROOM and under the covers ...

I bet after ONE NIGHT THERE ... she takes care of the problem!! They definitely should NOT still be renting rooms and this woman has NO BUSINESS running a hotel!!

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We regularly perform thorough inspections of the hotel, and no signs of bed bugs have ever been found at the Quality Inn Executive Park. We are committed to providing the best possible guest experience, and we want to assure you that we enforce an aggressive pest control policy.

Regarding the post that was posted against the Quality Inn Executive Park, no issues about bed bugs have ever been brought to managements attention. After the recent post we immediately called Orkin pest control and

they found nothing in the room metioned.

Thank you,

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Airline Pilot Report:

Room 410 for 2 nights. I was covered in bites (my first time). I have spoken to other airline employees that stay here and they have reported this to management as well...

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