Super 8 Motel
2419 Highway 105
Boone, NC

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What a night mare. I home from Vanada and just got bed bugs at Sedona super 8. I was crying because the manager didn't want to give a refund. At the end, it coat ne 250$ to all my clothes in plastic boxes via UPS to Canada at the extermination. I was bite and really saw 5 bugs. Took all the pictures, a simple of those bug.

Found two bed bugs crawling on the bed in room 270 on August 23, 2012. The room looked clean and well kept when we arrived. I even looked for signs of bed bugs, but saw none until they were crawling on the bed. I was so thankful that our room was on the ground floor, because as soon as I found the bugs, I tossed our belongings out the window and we quickly put them in the car. Thank God they didn't bite us! I threw a fit, demanded a refund, and received a refund immediately. I think they knew th

at I was on the verge of making a BIG scene, and believe me, I can throw a fit if I need to! After I left, the manager called and booked us a room in another hotel that did not have bed bugs. Super 8 tried to act like they had no idea they had bed bugs. I don't buy that song and dance. With the out break of bed bugs like it is, I think all hotels should have to do preventative treatment for bed bugs.

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This happened last year, but I only just discovered this site. I had to stay at certain hotels that were approved by my company. Super 8 was the only one approved for the area. I arrived late the first night and went straight to bed. I left early that morning and had a mark on my leg that was itching all day. At this point, I still thought nothing about it. When I returned to the room that night, I stayed up doing paperwork and noticed something crawling. When I killed it, it was full of

blood and I suspected it was a bed bug. I looked it up and found out that it was. I looked for other signs and found other dead bed bugs and blood stains on the sheets. I took the dead bug to hotel management and they only offered me another room in the same buggy hotel! I had to argue with them so that they would not charge me for the night (they eventually agreed) but they would not help me find other accomodations and were not at all apologetic. Most rooms were full due to students moving into dorms at the college and a nearby racing event so after searching, I finally found a room at the hotel ran by the college. The room there was old but clean. The super 8 is stained from ceiling to floor and several times that I had to stay there they did not even have warm water in all the rooms. They would not even offer me a room at the Hampton Inn which is owned by the same group. They acted like it was absurd for me to even ask.

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