Country Inn & Suites
840 E King St
Boone, NC 28607-4233

Found 2 reports:

Was moved to Room 113 when the air conditioner in Room 103 was deemed as needing repair. Woke in the night to an irritation on my right elbow, but did not think much of it. When I got up the following morning, both arms had rashes on them that have turned out to be bed bug rashes.
I checked out of the hotel immediately, and pointed out the rashes to management, who said they would check into this, but I did not mention a bed bug concern at that time, because I did recognize it as such.

Woke up 1/29/2012 and saw a small spot on the pillow next to me. Spot started moving. Killed bug and "googled" bedbug. Perfect match. Took bug to front desk. She called housekeeping supervisor. Housekeeping confirmed it was a bedbug. Provided garbage bags and a clean sheet for me to contain all my items. Also provided disinfectant for me to spray on items that could not be placed in the washing machine. Washed and dried all my "washable" items in their laundry.
Housekeeping supervisor clean

ed the room where I stayed. Told me she found no other evidence of bedbugs in the room. Moved matress, boxsprings, wall art and found no other bugs or signs of bugs. I'm not sure how to address "cleaning" of my leather jacket and leather boots. Front desk stated manager had said I should leave items in bags in my car for a few days. (I think I'm going to have them professionally cleaned/exteminated)

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