Sleep Inn West
1918 Old Haywood Rd
Asheville, NC 28806-1132

Found 2 reports:

Stayed at this hotel the last week of June 2010. In the morning, I felt a bug crawling on my neck, I swatted it and it landed on the bed. I said, I hope that isn't a bed bug, I had never seen one before. I killed it and dark red blood color came out of it. My friend thought it was a tick since we had been on the Blue Ridge Parkway all day. My friend whom slept in the other bed had little red blood stains on her pajamas. She thought it was from a mosquito. After returning home and now lear

ning about bed bugs, I am absolutely positive this was a bed bug I killed, and that chewed on my friend. She had a rash with welts on her stomach and back for a week after that night.

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I was staying at this hotel with a group of teens ona ski trip. After the first night. two of the girls in my room complained of a rash, itching at the insides of the elbows and on their legs. I thought about bedbugs but dismissed it as teens complaining. The next night, I was awakened at 3:40 with something biting on the top of my foot. It felt like a large mosquito bite. I immediately got up, dressed and reported this personally to the front dest. The attendant was nice but had never heard of

bedbugs! So....I\'m in the lobby now, reporting the bedbugs and waiting for morning when everyone in our group is up and moving around. I will NOT stay here another night, we\'ll see what happens. Beware, do NOT stay at Sleep Inn West, Asheville, NC!!!!!

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