Quality Inn and Suites Biltmore East
1430 Tunnel Rd
Asheville, NC 28805-2802

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Booked there for 11/11/11...stayed up reading while my kids went to sleep. Read about bedbugs at this location, so at 11:30 pm, I decided to grab my flashlight and check the bed. Found a bed bug on my 11 yr old's pillow, a little red bug. I caught it in a cup and took it to the front desk and told them we were leaving and that I wanted to talk to a manager. Was told there was no manager at that time, and the guy said he couldn't confirm if it was a bedbug because he had never seen one. So I

went back to the room to bag up everything and leave...found another big one on my 7 yr old's pillow..put that one in a cup as well and took it back to the front desk to give him a lesson on bed bugs. Then when I went back up, my wife was recording another one with our Ipad. just gross. Luckily we found another hotel with a room available and no bugs. Bottom line, I bagged up everything that had been on the bed and checked over all of the other stuff. We showered at the new hotel and got some decent sleep and were able to enjoy the rest of our stay. We got home this evening and I started the cleaning process. Problem is, we really don't want to get infested at home so we are throwing out a couple of blankets, my son's favorite stuffed animal, his pillow pet, and a few other items we had with us. I would rather replace those than have the threat of bedbugs at home. Plus, now whenever I feel an itch or something, all I can think about is those bugs.

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in the office desk, I claimed to manager that I was bitten by bed bug, However he said it's mosquito. I felt that he knew already this hotel living with bedbug. and he did play dumb.

2 days ago I stayed at Quality Inn and Suites Biltmore East 1430 Tunnel Rd Asheville, NC 28805-2802 a night and in the morning my husband and my wife was bite by bed bug absolutely

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